PS Vita/TV Review – Loli plays a red-headed loli and lollygags around trying to sit in Accel World vs. SWORD ART ONLINE

Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release Date: July 7th, 2017

Do you like soaring through the air in games? How about being a massive long-range metal fortress? How about fast-paced battles and funny jokes? Accel World vs SWORD ART ONLINE (AWvsSAO) is a game published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment of America and it has all of this and more. Beautiful music, loads of characters, and fun gameplay truly make the game enjoyable; though, there are some setbacks for the game when played on an unconventional medium such as the PSTV.

You see that decrepit building in the distance? YOU CAN GO THERE!

The game has a lot of good points. For one, it’s a freaking ACCEL WORLD game. I have been diligently waiting for the second season of the Accel World anime for many years now, as Sword Art Online comes out with more and more content. I’m happy to see a new Accel World game that isn’t on the PSP and incredibly rare to find these days. You begin the game in Alfheim Online (ALO), the current VRMMORPG of the Sword Art Online universe. As time progresses, you become unable to log into the game if you log out and you (as Kirito) begin looking for your comrades to figure out why the things that are happening in the game are happening. At the same time, a dark cloud has appeared in a game called ‘Brain Burst’ from 21 years into the future of the same universe. That is where our Accel World compatriots originate from and how they come into ALO.

I was only kidding when I said I’d suck your toes dry, Yuniko… mostly. :p

Let me preface this review with the fact that AWvsSAO is indeed fun. It is very action-packed, very story-filled (even if a bit convoluted), and very, very easy to pour many hours into it. Whether you play it on the PS4 or the PS Vita or even the PSTV, you’ll find enjoyment waiting for you. However, when it comes to the PSTV, you’ll only find it fun up until a certain story mission where you have to sit. Sounds simple, right? Not if you’re using a PS3 controller. There’s a certain portion of the story where you must use the emote system in the game to sit in a spot and gaze at the water while meditating.

Argo, you are in the realm of Shiki, for me. Please never change.

On the PSTV, only the controls for the PS Vita are shown in the manual. This can impede the player greatly when playing on the PSTV as the aforementioned emote system is never formally explained during gameplay. (By the way, if you’re stuck at this part on PSTV and looking for how to use the emotes, press and hold down the Select button and it’ll bring up a different menu than when you press and let go of it.) Combine that with the fact that the game hardly guides you around its generously-sized map with more than “Look for more orbs” and that you can get easily lost and confused, the game can be extremely frustrating, at times.

It’s also frustrating when your twin shadow runs from you… wait, what….?

Thankfully, it feels rewarding to finally get past the issues that AWvsSAO has when the beautiful visual novel-esque graphics kick into high-gear and the CGs make you remember how to say booty. (There is some nudity, but no private parts are shown!) For the price of $39.99 USD on the PlayStation store for the Vita version, I can say that I recommend Accel World vs SWORD ART ONLINE. It’s an enjoyable game with hours of gameplay, but clunky controls, the lack of guidance, and the confusion that combo can create kind of make it a hit or miss, if you are playing on PSTV.

Lolinia gives Accel World vs SWORD ART ONLINE a Drastik Measure of 7.2 out of 10.0 (72).


– Fun Gameplay
– Pretty engaging combat
– Pretty art
– Expansive map
– Strea-sensei segments
– Yuniko

– Big map with no guidance equals LOST FOR DAYS
– If playing on PSTV, the manual doesn’t show controls for controllers.

I’d love to see it speedran at a Games Done Quick, though.


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