Stellar Overload – PC (P)review

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Developer: Cubical Drift
Publisher: Cubical Drift
Release Date: Oct 12, 2016

Stellar Overload is a 3D open world FPS adventure game from Cubical Drift. It is a voxel-based world similar to Minecraft. In story mode, you take on the role of a sibling whose older brother disappears during the night. You take it upon yourself to find him, and your search lands you in the middle of a battle, with the fate of your world and more at stake, because the robots of the Imperium Machina have invaded it. That’s just the story mode, and there is not much more content other than the first planet and the storyline quests up to a certain point.

That being said, before we move on, I have to say something concerning the game. It is in Early Access, which means that it is not complete. However, that doesn’t mean there is not plenty of gameplay content to fool around with. Also, it takes a lot for a game in Early Access to surprise me, and this game did just that. First was the intro scene in story mode, which is not something you would expect for a game this early in development. (Well, not one that’s as well polished as this one is.) There are some restrictions to what technology you have access to in story mode, set by the main quest line.

However, in creative mode, you have access to all max level items. I mentioned earlier that there are tons of items to play around with in both story and creative modes. I will stick to what I unlocked in story mode before I stopped playing to write this review. First up is the mining gauntlet, which is your major digging tool in the game. In the beginning, it can dig from a single block up to four blocks at a time. Next up is the pistol. It’s a laser pistol (enough said) but also has a secondary ammo that gives off an explosive shot. Then there is the lovely, lovely jetpack. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love it.

Then, there are the basic armor in the game and the block thrower weapon. The block thrower weapon is an amazing tool and weapon. All the useless dirt and other materials you have excess amounts of can now serve as ammo for the block thrower weapon. It allows you to fire out any block in the game to deal damage, based on what it is. I keep mentioning a lot of different features but I have not discussed anything about the world setup. The worlds are cube shaped, with the starting world in story mode (called Merx) being the smallest world in the game. It is 1200 blocks long/wide on each side, for a total of about two billion blocks. The largest world is 8000 blocks long/wide, with a total of about 500 billion blocks, which just goes to show you the various sizes of the game worlds.

To be honest, games like this are not my favorite; however, this one shows some promise and I, for one, can’t wait to see how it turns out. Now, is it worth getting for a single player game at the moment? I would say no; however, if you have a few friends who plan on getting it and will play with you, I’d say go for it. The decision is completely up to you. I will say this; finally, the devs are truly working with the community to make the game better, which says more about this particular game compared to a lot of Early Access games.