ARK: Survival Evolved PC and Xbox One – History, or… not… by DamianKnightLiveInHD

ARK: Survival Evolved PC and Xbox One – History, or… not… by DamianKnightLiveInHD
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ARK: Survival Evolved PC and Xbox One Reviews and Comparison by DKLIHD
Genre: Open World , Sandbox, Survival
Developer: Studio Wildcard, ETC Publisher: Studio Wildcard
Release Date: June 2, 2015

Ark: Survival Evolved for Xbox One is a groundbreaking game to come to the consoles. That being said, I believe playing so much on PC has caused me to have a little bias. So I am going to do this as a two part review. First will be about Ark as a game and the second will be of just my thoughts on the console port. So if you know about Ark, and would just like to know how it is on Xbox One, skip down to the bottom.

Ark has provided me and my friends many hours of entertainment, I have had a lot of fun and tried just about everything there is to try in the game. Ark is a survival MMO taken to places no other survival MMO has. The game is still in early access, but it gets updated with new fixes and content nearly daily. At this current stage, there is not much lore about the game so I will have to describe it with some theories.

In Ark you are a human dropped on a mystery island by what I can only guess is an alien race. You are left on this island with nothing but your wits to survive the hunger, cold, carnivorous dinosaurs, and several unforgiving biomes.

Whom ever brought you and the dinosaurs to this island, also left 4 monolithic pillars called Arks which contain dangerous bosses. To get the ability to unlock the Arks, you must gather relics from caves scattered across the island. Some of these caves can be more treacherous than the aforementioned bosses! As you level through the game, you will learn more and more things that you can craft. The crafting is very in-depth, and has items all the way up to some modern tech. Even with all the tech and strength you can gain, no tool is as powerful as the ability to train dinosaurs. This game has so many great features I doubt I could list them all.

Though this is an Indie game developed by Studio Wildcard, it feels and looks like a AAA game. There is so much to do and see that trying to do and see it all could take you forever, and by then the developers would have added more content. For me, I would say the best part of the game is the immersion. It really feels like you were dumped in a prehistoric world, naked and afraid, left to fend for yourself. Can you learn to survive in this extremely hardcore world in which other humans are just one of the smaller threats and unlock the secrets that this dangerous dino filled island holds?

As for Ark on Xbox One I feel it still needs a lot of work to live up to what the PC version of the game is. First off, and yes I know this is common, but you really can feel the lower graphical quality, resolution, and frame rate. This game is actually very groundbreaking and holds many firsts for console players, and I hope they can really bump it up a notch to let console players see what I have experienced on the PC edition.

I know it’s an Early Access game, but people on console are not as used to that, and I hope this does not cause them to feel disenfranchised. For me, after playing on PC, the console edition was nearly impossible to play, the controls feel clunky and slow. In a game like this, spending an extra 30 seconds in a menu can mean death. They need to figure out even more shortcuts for console players. Also the PC version has many many community servers that have a wide range of mods and this is something I would love to see them try to work in at least a little. Joining up with your friends is very hard also, comparatively.

In this game, working with tribe-mates is huge and is about the only advantage you can gain. I would love to see the ability to just join someone off your friends list like on PC version. Last complaint I have is that the console version is slightly behind the updates of the PC version. It was not all bad, I found the people on the official public servers to be so much more friendly and felt less afraid of getting ganked in a run by PVP I did not see coming. I don’t know if that is because it is so new and the trolls have not come out yet or I got lucky. It also ran well. There were some server issues but that seems to happen on many MMO’s first launch.

Other than that it ran surprisingly well and that was over a WiFi connection rather than wired. I still feel that this game has great potential for the console. I reiterate it is still not a finished product so they have time to hash these small issues out and make this game great as it is on PC for console players!

Overall I think this game is many days of fun, and I hope they can make the console version as great as the PC version is. Would I buy it at CURRENT price? For Xbox One edition I would not buy it at its current listed price but if they fix a few of these mentioned issues I would in a heartbeat. On PC however YES YES AND MORE YES!

So much fun.
Many unique features.
Great immersion
Harcore as true survival should be
Great PVE
You can ride dinosaurs!

Needs work.
Missing story/lore
Clunky Xbox One controls
Still has some annoying bugs and other issues

Damian gives ARK a Drastik Measure  9.5 out of 10 (95) for PC and 7.5 out of 10 (75) for Xbox One