We Touch Games – Strawberry Vinegar (PC) Review

Strawberry Vinegar PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games – Developer: Ebi Hime – Publisher: Sekai Project – Genre: Visual Novel

Strawberry Vinegar header

Air, Shelter, and Sustenance. Without these three things in our lives, we don’t feel quite human. In fact, without air or sustenance, we cannot live. However, that does not mean that we can’t over-indulge ourselves on any of them. In fact, part of sustenance (the food) can be easily over-indulged, even if you never get fat from eating too much. Food can taste so wonderful. From ‘flavorable’ steaks to delicious noodles and awesomely tasty cookies, food can be very much over-indulged. Strawberry Vinegar is the story of a demon child who loves tasty food. If you do not over-indulge her, she also threatens to reap your soul. Developed by Ebi Hime and published by Sekai Project, Strawberry Vinegar will mostly make your tummy rumble for food as you read it. Many thanks to Sekai Project for the review key!


You basically play as Rie Sakuraba, a little girl who does not act her age when it comes to her mindset. She’s honestly a bitter old woman. Her mundane lifestyle is interrupted when Licia (the aforementioned demon child) descends upon Rie’s homemade cookies and devours them with glee. From then on, Rie must please Licia’s stomach and tongue with tasty food or risk having her soul reaped.


The art in Strawberry Vinegar is incredibly well-done. The first night that I opened the game, I swear that I could smell that artwork when it came to the food. You could literally say that the art is mouth-watering. The sprites are cutely drawn and express an almost innocent point of view while looking at them. (The same cannot be said for Rie’s attitude.) The background visuals are stunning, yet simple. However, the most work definitely seems to be in the food. Seriously, my stomach growled while looking at that art of food. (Even the menu is a lunch box!)


The music is simple and very fitting. While listening to it, I was reminded heavily of my early days of reading visual novels. The soundtrack of Strawberry Vinegar reminded me of the soundtrack to Katawa Shoujo. While a discerning ear could tell that it might not be the best arrangement, it fits incredibly well with the story and art.


Overall, Strawberry Vinegar makes you hungry. Tasty breakfast foods, delicious baked goods, and great desserts lay within this game. Wonderful art and a nice story await you. Will you be friend and give Licia many baked goods? Or will you deny her from the very beginning? Can a demon child who is more innocent than you truly reap your soul? That is up to you to play and decide! For $9.99 USD on Steam, this game is truly worth it. Go ahead and take a bite.


Lolinia gives Strawberry Vinegar a Drastik Measure 8.0 out of 10.0 (80).