We Touch Games – KRUM: Edge of Darkness (PC) Review

KRUM: Edge of Darkness PC Review by KrittyCat of We Touch Games – Developer/Publisher: Ha Studio Ltd – Genre: Fantasy RPG

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As a gamer, I’ve found many interesting games that have been executed well; also, there have been many great ideas for games that have been executed very poorly. None of those, though, prepared me for the game I played for this review: KRUM: Edge of Darkness ($14.99 USD on Steam).


A fantasy game set in a world much different from ours, but still eerily similar, KRUM explores the story of a man whose entire village was laid to ruin by an unknown attacker. As he adventures into the world, he progressively faces more difficult enemies, but increases in skill to gain new and more powerful attacks to use against them.

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One of the most intriguing parts of the game is the fairly open combat system. Rather than being restricted to a limited weapon set, the player can use almost anything in the game as a weapon, with each item having a unique attack set and a set durability limit. Some items, like chairs, are ideal to break barrels and pots, as those items break in one hit, while others, like a scimitar, are better used to fight enemies because of their high damage and low durability. As you progress through the game, you’ll find new enemies with new weapons and skills, which may require many attempts to actually learn and thus circumvent.


Combat, while it is very difficult, can be incredibly satisfying. There are occasions where an enemy will essentially “juggle” you, even through a shield block, but for the most part it works fairly well. The stamina system doesn’t help this, as you use stamina to both block and attack; however, it’s always a great feeling when you win your fight, and watch the enemy’s head roll across the ground after you separate it from their shoulders. A minor issue is, after fighting specific enemies for a while, you may find that they have a pattern. Predicting that pattern can make certain enemies almost trivial, as you can damage them out of their attack animations.

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As enemies die, they will drop their items, from weapons, to shields, to health potions. The looting system is fairly simplistic – you look at an item and press the “Equip” button to pick it up. There’s no convoluted “inventory” screen; instead, every item you have is displayed in some form on your body or on the screen.


The main gripe I have with the game is the easily accessible “Quick Save” feature. Similar to save-states on an emulator, you can choose to save your game after every fight, lowering the overall difficulty of the game significantly. The only thing that makes this acceptable to me is the fact that quick saving and then loading the game doesn’t heal you to full health. After playing through for a bit, I understand why they included it, too – their checkpoint system is fairly unforgiving, with chapters sometimes lasting 30 minutes to an hour with no auto-save. One group of enemies is all it takes to lose your life and last 30 minutes of advancement, including experience and items.

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Also, certain patches of terrain, combined with an exact positioning of the camera, can cause the game to shrink to a miniscule portion of the screen, while the HUD of the game remains the same size. Thankfully, this never happened to me in an actual battle, as the sudden blackness can be rather jarring.


Overall, the game is good, with a solid mix of combat and story, but not terrific. There are a few times when the developers clearly missed the mark, but there are enough good aspects to balance those out. I would recommend this game to someone looking for a budget RPG with moderate difficulty.


KrittyCat gives KRUM: Edge of Darkness a Drastik Measure 6.5 out of 10.0 (65).