We Touch Games – Magical Girl Leaky Sara (PC) Review

Magical Girl Leaky Sara PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games – Developer/Publisher: Ganbare Games – Genre: Puzzle-Adventure

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Magical Girl Leaky Sara… well, uh… What can I say about a game as unique as this? Oh, no. Not the gameplay. The gameplay is Tetris. Color-coded Tetris. I mean the story. No, no. Not the adventure part. That part is okay. Fine, even. Splendid, one could possibly say. I mean the theme of the story… the urine-themed story.


That’s right. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Urine-themed story.

KMh4QB leak

This game has a girl named Sara Leak (…) who pees herself to turn into a Magical Girl (….) to defeat her enemies with her ‘Inconti-Cannon’ (…….) and tetris-style battles. Ganbare Games definitely reached deep into the bucket for this one. Deal with pee attacks and horrible “accidents” and terrible acting by the characters who, in my mind, KNOW the story is bad. The game knows and that’s why you’re able to have fun with the game. I played it twice and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game (though, with the power of bad acting, I would like to think that I made it look like I didn’t in the video). The battles are solid, though it’s more of a puzzle due to the tetris-style of the battles; although, I would’ve preferred less pee-related attacks. However, for the price of $0.99 USD on itch.io, it’s a solid pick-up. Get over the fact that it’s about things getting pissed on and you’ll find yourself having hours of entertainment with Magical Girl Leaky Sara.


Lolinia gives Magical Girl Leaky Sara a Drastik Measure 7.0 out of 10.0 (70).


PS. For anyone looking for that tweet, here you are.