We Touch Games – Lovely Weather We’re Having (PC) Review

Lovely Weather We’re Having PC Review by KrittyCat of We Touch Games – Developer: Julian Glander – Publisher: Glanderco – Genre: RPG

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Lovely Weather We’re Having? No, that’s not the ever-so-awkward pickup line spouted by hundreds of teenage boys to cute girls daily across the world, it’s the name of an indie explorer game that is priced at $7.99 USD on Steam. Now, whether you can call it a game or not depends on how you define the word “game”. If you define it as an application that has interactive elements, then this would be a game; however, if you desire your games to have a defined plot-line, an actual ending, and/or a reason to actually continue playing beyond the first 10 minutes, you might find this particular offering wanting.


For the sake of this review, I won’t call it a game – rather, I’ll refer to it as an “interactive experience”, in some ways similar to Journey, though nowhere near as polished or meaningful. Lovely Weather We’re Having is done in a clay animation style, which, while simple, can be a bit grating after a few minutes of play. The controls are also fairly simple – use WASD to move your character around, and the Space bar to interact with the various characters scattered throughout the world. The whole time you’re wandering about this fairly barren landscape, your little puppy follows you without so much as a sound.

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In actual gameplay, it is simple, almost annoyingly so. There is very little to do but talk to other characters and kick around some rocks; the biggest draw is the fact that the weather in-game is supposed to change based on your local weather. I have to admit that the developers added a bit of an interesting element by adding sounds to various things that you walk over or kick around; however, this feature would have been more intriguing if they had added variation in the sounds. It can be obnoxious when every flower you walk over creates the exact same tone, and every stone you kick sounds the same no matter the size.


Overall, while Lovely Weather We’re Having might be ideal for young children looking to enjoy a few minutes of pointless running around with cutesy graphics, I cannot recommend it for anyone over the age of 7. The lack of purpose, interaction, and general things to do will become boring incredibly quick for anyone who enjoys truly interactive games.


KrittyCat gives Lovely Weather We’re Having a Drastik Measure 3.0 out of 10.0 (30).