Magical Marriage Lunatics – PC Review

Genre: Adventure
Developer: MOONSTONE
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: Apr 26, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

I have come to respect visual novels as a storytelling medium. When told in the right way, it can be as mind focusing as a physical book in your hands. That said, adult novels can be a tricky book to judge, as they have to balance story with the addition of sexual and explicit scenes to appeal to a certain type of audience, which is where our next review takes us: Magical Marriage Lunatics. Magical Marriage Lunatics is a magic-themed, romance, adult visual novel, developed by MOONSTONE, later released by MangaGamer. This fun, bubbly novel walks a fine line between sexual content and traditional storytelling while not breaking from the track too often, and it quickly shows its colors in the best way possible.

Once upon a midnight stroll, the story of Magical Marriage Lunatics is choice-driven, with a very traditional style of storytelling, and not so traditional story to be told from our main character’s perspective. We, the reader, follow from the eyes of Yuta Ushio, a soon to be second-year student in high school, as one night, Yuta goes out to get something later in the evening, only to find a girl hovering on a wall. This girl is Luci Yami Astalite, or Luci for short, a vampire princess who, after falling down to the earth, begins to get a little touchy with Yuta. It is here we are told, as is Yuta, that when he was younger, the two made a pact to be wed to each other, as he could disappear and reappear from various worlds connected to ours but not have any memory of the events that happened there. This is not Yuta’s only love relationship apparently, as in the scale of three days, four additional girls pop into his life, including the succubus Juli, a tenko by the name of Karin, a goddess named Yorihime, and the witch Luluna, who, just like Luci, had, in the past, agreed to a marriage pact while visiting their respective world. Add to this, long time friend Yuna Shirahase is struggling to accept that her best friend is essentially a bachelor and now has to accept these girls from out of nowhere as Yuta goes through daily and school life trying to balance a normal life, alongside deciding which girl he wants to be with. For the sake of the story and not wanting to spoil the routes, I will end my synopsis here, but know that there are six true ending routes, one for each of the girls, and an easy four to seven hours per route, eight to nine if you are a slower reader.

As with most stories, however, perfection is rare and a perfect rose, Magical Marriage Lunatics is not. I found a few faults to be honest, but there was only one real fault that took away (for me) from the overall story, the slow and long drawn build up to reach the conclusion of each route, only for the other five girls to almost completely disappear from the story. The bulk of the story has you building a relationship with all of the girls, be it direct or indirect, which I enjoyed because it helped give the reader a chance to see some of these characters grow as a person and help you decide what route you want to go for. This kind of disconnect, except for a few key scenes after you lock in your route, like at school, points to a shift in focus which I would have appreciated more, if the girls still had more involvement, even as a support type of situation for the girl you chose.

Before I go into the adult hentai content, there is one more story element that I feel needs to be discussed. During a few key points of the novel, you will temporarily switch to the POV, or Point of View, of one of the girls in question. This is, oddly enough, where we get to see some of the best character development, as it only occurs about seven or so times in the novel, making it one of those rare occurrences that show the player what Yuta actually looks like, as he is not voice-acted like the rest of the characters.

Now let’s get into the grit of the novel, the adult hentai sections, and for all the reading you put in to get to it, it is one of the best-presented elements of the novel by far. As I stated prior in the review, you have a general common route that runs until you select your girl of choice on the character selection, which then locks you into the route for that girl until the very end. Once you have selected your girl, you develop that relationship to its max, culminating in one or two scenes of love, that feels genuine and honestly worth getting past that gateway barrier. The scenes themselves, however, have some of the best voice acting in the story, allowing the reader to feel the emotion and connection these characters have built over the x hours of your run. I will admit, the scenes are presented by still images, which is why I think the voice acting shows its best here, as the story now has to build that image in your mind, now more than ever.

Staring at a midnight beauty, the presentation of Magical Marriage Lunatics is a modern anime style, combined with a subtle, yet elegant, soundtrack to match. Visually, I found Magical Marriage Lunatics to be well-rounded in its presentation, as it stuck to what one may consider a norm for novels of this style, yet also tried to change it up with the use of the chibi art style from time to time. The backgrounds were a mix between simplistic and detailed, with each place in the novel having its own theme, like the school, while being more than one locale, keeping the sliding doors, bright colors and happy atmosphere. The character designs are where this novel shines, however, as the characters look right out of a fantasy world they are connected to. From the royal and pompousness of Luci in more regal dresses to Juli, who, as deemed by her mother, should sport the wear of nearly nothing, which is the succubus fashion, the artist set out to make sure each character fit their world’s motif and it does work, for the most part. My only issue with the visuals of this novel stem from a lack of variety from the backgrounds, as many locales are visited multiple times in a playthrough, with no variation in most cases, unless it is simply a day and night cycle type of situation.

Ringing those wedding bells, Magical Marriage Lunatics, for the most part, sticks to a subtle soundtrack that focuses on being a background effect, while not overpowering the voice acting. Musically, I found Magical Marriage Lunatics usage of a more modern age classical theme to be a great choice, as it still puts a fairly heavy focus on instruments like the piano, flute, violin and even some lesser-known wind instruments, with some more pop/rock-inspired pieces during some of the novel’s event scenes, like a guitar and drums. The sound effects used here were purely aesthetics, as most of them were small sounds the team felt would make the scenes feel more at home with the reader, which works, as these effects show off many small (but hidden) things, like the subtle sucking noise used in Luci’s route. I can’t forget the voice acting here, either, as it was spot on for most of the novel. The main and supporting characters that are voiced do their best to bring the lines to life, which is nice because it made the novel come to life for me personally, with just a few cases where the lines felt too serious or too energetic. I do want to bring up my concerns here, though, as a reader, as I would have loved to see them give Yuta his own voice actor, especially during the adult hentai scenes where it might have played better off of the novel’s character chemistry built up to that point.

Overall, I found Magical Marriage Lunatics, while not the perfect presentation of the story, visuals, and soundtrack, to be pretty near close, and it shows in how the writers built up these characters for one solid climax across the board. The excellently told story, simple but effective presentation, excellent character growth as a whole, six routes to pick from, some of the best-earned hentai scenes overall, the well-rounded presentation visually, the use of the subtle classical soundtrack, and excellent voice acting across the board left me wanting to read more.


  • An excellently presented story with the simple style presentation
  • Excellent character growth across all the characters
  • Your choice of six routes from the single common route
  • Adult hentai content that, while a small time sink, feels worth it to reach
  • The overall well-rounded presentation, ranging from backgrounds to character art
  • Use of the subtle and nicely used classical soundtrack
  • The excellent voice acting provided across the board from the cast


  • Near removal of all other characters once you have selected your route
  • Some minor pacing issues in some scenes
  • Backgrounds aren’t as varied
  • Yuta not being provided a voice actor

DarkLunarDude gives Magical Marriage Lunatics a Drastik Measure of 9.3 out of 10.0 (93)

For the price of $44.95 (USD) on MangaGamer, I can highly recommend Magical Marriage Lunatics to those seeking a magical romance novel with some hentai content, as, while the content could be considered cutesy, it gives the reader a meaningful reward for all the work they put into getting that far.