TDM News Room – Largest Adult Gaming Portal Replaces Violence in Games with Nudity

This is a press release by Nutaku


Initiative Aims to Combat the Stigma of Violence and Nudity in the Gaming Industry and the Corresponding Impression on Gun Violence in the United States

MONTREAL – May 16, 2018 – Today, Nutaku, the largest free-to-play and downloadable game website dedicated to 18+ titles, announced the launch of the gaming portal’s Boobs for Bullets campaign. The initiative, debuted in response to accusations from political leaders that video games are responsible for the gun violence epidemic in America, aims to fund game developers to remove guns and bullets from their gaming titles and replace them with boobs and other nudity elements.

“The Boobs for Bullets initiative is Nutaku’s way of de-stigmatizing the impact of violence in video games and its relationship with gun culture in America,” stated Ben Faccio, Project Manager at Nutaku. “We aim to raise awareness of the positive mental benefits of mature online gaming while giving a game studio with a popular title the ability to succeed even further in the oversaturated gaming market.”

Members of the Nutaku community will be able to nominate their favorite mainstream gaming title for this special funding. The game developer or studio behind the title with the most votes will receive an official offer from Nutaku detailing the terms of the gun removal and nudity implementation conditions. Once development of the adapted title is complete, Nutaku will host the game on the mature gaming platform at zero cost to the developer with additional marketing assistance to promote the title.

“Giving our community the ability to adultify their favorite mainstream game is a part of Nutaku’s larger advocacy effort to defend the adult online gaming industry, while highlighting its benefits next to the downsides of exposures to violence,” said Faccio. “While we are in no way trying to remove guns from games to lessen gun violence, we would like to bring light to the benefits of gaming and the mass popularity of extreme violence in today’s most played and talked about games.”

More information on Nutaku’s Boob for Bullets initiative can be found here:

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