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Genre: Dating Sim, Eroge
Developer: nostalgia
Publisher: nostalgia, Denpasoft
Release Date: Mar 2, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

Girls in Glasses is a pretty short visual novel with one of the main features being espoused in the very title of the game. Obviously, that is the girls wearing glasses. Is there anything more to it than just cute girls wearing glasses? I would say yes.

It is about Hidekazu Akechi, a second year student at Sakurahane Academy going through the spring semester who decides which of the three heroines to spend time with each day after school.

The three heroines are the cheery Kana, a fellow second year student and a childhood friend of the protagonist, strict Kotomi, a first year at the same school that manages to become the student body president (which has never happened before), and the shy Iroha, a third year student bookworm who spends most of the time at the library, reading. There is also Ken, a male friend who doesn’t have a proper romantic route but serves as a tool for exposition, comic relief (not that the game is overly serious, for the most part) and as a Bad Ending.

So far, it seems pretty ordinary for a dating sim set in a high school and, well, it is. The basic premise is as cliche as it goes. For that matter, so are the characters. They are basically walking tropes at the very beginning of the game and even though there is substantial character development, I don’t think any of them fully break out of their shell, except maybe for their route’s endings.

There is a nice amount of character growth throughout the game for each of the three main heroines, as well as the protagonist himself. Despite this being a dating sim and the protagonist not having a voice or a sprite, he does have some personality and defining features which make him less of a stand-in for the player than in most other such games.

The game itself is, as previously mentioned, pretty short, taking me only a couple of hours to get through the entire game on Iroha’s route when I first played it, with each subsequent playthrough being even shorter since most of the “Common” route is skippable. Aside from the common route, which is always the same, there are no classic choices to be made like there are in other VNs (except for during the erotic scenes), which makes it a bit of a kinetic novel, but, at the same time, there is a choice of which character to spend time with after school and during the weekend, which is up to the player.

Art is generally good with some meh bits. Both the sprites and backgrounds are consistent with each other in terms of art style which makes it all nice, and the design of characters is nice, but sometimes the way they are drawn just makes them look like they are made of porcelain. Not a big deal for the most part, but I feel it is worth mentioning. There is also no way to change the resolution or to switch between windowed and full screen mode, which is a bit weird.

Sound is acceptable, the main theme and OP/ED are pretty catchy and cool, and most of the music matches the mood, the scene and sometimes, there is no music, especially during sad scenes, which is a very good way of conveying the feeling. All in all, a pretty good soundtrack.

All of the characters (except the main character) have voice acting and it is very good throughout the normal game as well as during the H-scenes. Speaking of, they are also very nicely drawn and written, as well as acted out, as I already said, and each of the three girls has a nice amount of them. They are also the only times when there are classic choices to be made and it is always in regards to when and where the protagonist should cum.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this game to fans of any of the character tropes I mentioned or just to those that like eroge visual novels with a lighthearted story and some serious scenes and tearjerkers, here and there. It is available on Denpasoft and Nutaku for $9.99 (USD), and for the amount of game you get for it, I say it’s worth the full price.


  • Nice character development
  • Pretty good art
  • Soundtrack is well done
  • Good H-content

Mileage May Vary:

  • Pretty short


  • Characters and story start off as nothing more than tropes
  • There is no resolution changing or windowed/full screen options

Faris gives Girls in Glasses a Drastik Measure 8.1 out of 10(81)