Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Playwood Project
Publisher: Deck 13, WhisperGames
Release Date: Feb 8, 2018
Edited by KnightAvenger

WARTILE is a strategy game where you control your own band of Vikings in a game world inspired by Norse mythology. It is brought to us by Deck13 and WhisperGames but was developed by Playwood Project. The video game is a miniatures board/tabletop game brought to life in vivid detail. The level of detail put into each miniature and level is absolutely stunning. It is equivalent to someone painstakingly and lovingly taking hundreds of hours to hand paint every detail so it is absolutely perfect. Much like someone who truly cared what their figures looked like for a tabletop miniatures game.

As far as features go, combat and movement both run off a cooldown-based system. What I mean by this is that when you, let’s say, move one of your miniatures a few spaces, you must wait a few moments before you can move it again. In between levels, you are greeted with a screen that has a table and a map in the center where you choose your missions and a diorama of a tavern on the left where you recruit new characters. Next to it on the top left is where you can customize your figures. Next to that is where you can preset which characters to take with you, on the top right is a case where you choose what God cards to bring with you, and on the right is where you can buy and sell items used to customize your characters.

Speaking of the God cards, you can choose up to five to take with you on each mission once you unlock them. They range from healing a character to stunning an enemy and beyond. Each character has an ability card they can use, such as Hakon Goldenmane’s shield bash. You unlock more as the character grows when you use them for missions. Now, on the customization screen, there are a few things to note. When you’re on this screen, you can change your character’s equipment which changes their look, tokens which boost stats for the character, and their ability card as well. You can also view their stats in the lower right and check their experience, and, if you click the ?, you get a short bio about them and the option to change their name.

A few more things to note about the sections I mentioned is the item store and the screen where you can choose what characters to bring with you. With the item store, the stock is on the left and what you have on you is on the right. If there is a hand symbol on an item on your side, that means it is equipped by someone. In addition to buying/selling, you just click and drag items to either side. About the character preset screen, there is space for only five characters.

That brings us to the final piece of information I have to impart with you and it’s the mission select screen. One thing I truly did love about the game is the fact you can replay the missions you completed to get a better score and time. Also, there are three different levels to each mission, each with its own rewards and difficulties. The first time you run through a mission, you unlock the next mission in the story chain. In addition, certain missions also reward you with new characters.

Let’s recap things here, guys, before we ride this pony home. First off, the game is a Viking-themed miniatures strategy game. The miniatures and levels look like high quality pieces brought to life. Combat and movement both run off a cooldown system. Abilities for characters are card-based and on a cooldown system. In the main screen of the game, you can customize your characters, purchase and sell items, recruit new characters, choose your party, and choose your mission. You can go back and redo any mission or try it on a higher difficulty for increased rewards. Yeah, this is game is definitely worth the buy, so go check it out, guys.


  • The incredible detail on the miniatures
  • The way enemy miniatures crumble on death fills me with glee
  • Great replayability


  • Sometimes can be hard to see some stuff on the levels due to flora

BoxCatHero gives WARTILE a Drastik Measure 9.0 out of 10(90)

WARTILE is available on Steam for $19.99 (USD).