The Drastik Moé from Loli’s Corner – Food Wars! The Second Plate Anime Blu-ray review

Studio: JC Staff
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
Distributor: Section23 Films
Release Date: February 13th, 2018

So, you’ve watched all of Yakitate! Japan. That is where you found your love of cooking anime. You then started watching Food Wars! Shoukugeki no Soma and loved it. The story, the art, and the music whisked you away to a place you never thought existed. A land where the law is made by the food you cook and there’s more pioneering to do than ever. You hungered for more. Now, Sentai Filmworks satiates your palette with a Food Wars! The Second Plate blu-ray release! Many thanks to Section23 for the review unit.

The Fall Selection quarterfinals are beginning. Soma Yukihira returns to the Moon Dome as one of the eight finalists. With each dish, he must climb one step closer to attaining his goal of the Top Spot at Tohtsuki Academy of Fine Dining. It’s survival-of-the-fittest with a dog-eat-dog competition picking up where the first season left off. Get hungry with Food Wars! The Second Plate.

To be honest, I am truly addicted to Food Wars. When i got the first season for review last year, I went insane with watching it. I have watched the first season in both English and Japanese countless times. I watched with friends. I even went so far as to make both of the other co-owners of TDM watch at least one episode with me and got one to like it. Food Wars is my crack and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The second season really ramps up the action and serves you another well-done course of episodes. It continues where the last season abruptly ended and ends itself a bit better while still whetting your appetite for more. The English voice actors are the same as the first season and really make me want the third season dubbed already. The tense competition and nature of the show is represented very naturally alongside all the old men orgasm faces as they eat delicious food.

For the retail price of $69.98 USD on the Sentai Filmworks store, Food Wars! The Second Plate is a steal. As someone who has seen the third season of the show via Crunchyroll, getting all of this series on blu-ray is absolutely recommended. If anything, get three copies. One to watch, one for archival, and one to possibly give to a friend. Share the show. It only gets better.

Lolinia gives Food Wars! The Second Plate a Drastik Moé Measure of 8.5 out of 10.0 (85).

PS. Best School Director Ever


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