World of Final Fantasy – PC Review

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: November 21st, 2017

Do you love Final Fantasy games but cannot choose which one you currently want to play? Want to see Bartz from Final Fantasy V but don’t have the Super Nintendo, PlayStation, nor Gameboy Advance to play any of the releases (and you’re not pirating scum)? Do you want a game that evokes thoughts of the Final Fantasy franchise, but isn’t a remake or re-release of a game that you’ve already completed? Well, Square Enix has you covered with World of Final Fantasy (WoFF)… on the PC! Many thanks to Square Enix and FortySeven for the review key!

You start the game on a tower, unaware of why you are there. After falling from said tower, you awake in town, a fox on your head (but the character somehow does not notice), and go on your merry way to work. Things happen and you end up adventuring into another world where the sprites of the 1990s get three-dimensional forms and call themselves Lilikin. In addition, you must catch creatures called Mirages that make you want to turn your red-and-white hat backwards and shout “I will catch you!” Why are you able to turn yourself into a Lilikin? Why does a girl who doesn’t remember her own name become so important in the story? Why can you traverse dimensions? Find out this and more by playing the game!

I think one of the things that I most the-liked about World of Final Fantasy was the copious amounts of Final Fantasy lore that was the-mixed into the story and even into the UI. Even if you were one who the-didn’t know much about Final Fantasy, you could learn a lot from the-others watching you play and commenting on the character. Also, if you didn’t have anyone to the-watch you play, the game has a generous menu option where you can the-read the bios of each character you meet. The game has so many characters from all the Final Fantasy games that it can be a bit the-overwhelming. Most of them have the-never been in a game together before WoFF, either.

The original characters aren’t too bad, either. Reynn and Lann are a nice comedy duo at times, but you can feel that sister-brother bond between them. Tama’s English speech pattern can be both cute and extremely annoying, as evidenced in the previous paragraph. However, my favorite would probably be the aloof Serafie. A perfect match to Tama’s bubbliness, Serafie’s teasing nature was a well needed laugh when the brother-sister combo act got a bit stale. Though, I must admit that Tama wins in the end. Enna Kros and the Girl Who Forgot Her Name were enjoyable as well. Probably one reason I enjoyed them so much would be because of the Japanese voice actors.

World of Final Fantasy can be enjoyed in both English and Japanese, but… being the anime nerd that I am, I much preferred the Japanese and for good reason. Many of the voices heard in the game were from anime that I have watched before. Tama’s voice actress is the voice for Potte from Tamayura, Suguha (aka Leafa) from Sword Art Online, and Kirino Kousaka from Oreimo, as well as Yuzu from the currently-airing anime Citrus. Enna Kros’ voice actress was Kanade from Angel Beats, Kobato from Haganai, Shiro from Deadman Wonderland, Yuki from Tsuredure Children, and Raphiel from Gabriel DropOut. Serafie’s voice actress was Saya from Blood+ and Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The voice cast is decked full of awesomeness to say the least. I don’t know much about the English cast, sadly, but if the credentials of the actors are anywhere near the Japanese cast, I’m sure their fans will love them being in this game.

Enough about voice actors and characters, though. What you’re reading this for is to know about the gameplay and if it’s any good. Best way I can put it is that it’s Pokemon IV Training, but simplified and has a UI. You can level your caught Mirages and put points into different skills. The skill trees (or Mirage Boards) are also how you unlock the Transfigurations. Transfigurations are WoFF’s version of Pokemon Evolution. The big difference between the two is that it’s more like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth rather than Pokemon because you can choose when to Transfigurate your Mirage in addition to speccing it how you want. Want your mirage to carry you? There’s a skill for that. How about walking beside you? There’s a skill for that, too! How about putting stuff on fire? There’s even a skill for that.

Battling can be active or turn-based depending on the settings you decide in the game. What makes this game even more different than Pokemon is that you can stack your battle partners on top of each other to be even stronger. Variations can occur based on whether Reynn or Lann are in Lilikin-form or Jiant-form and on which Mirages you use in your stack. Imprisming (yeah, It rhymes with imprisoning) is also unique and depends on the Mirage you are trying to imprism. Creating prismalities to do so can vary from easy and enjoyable to “*expletive* you, game” between battles, too. You might not be able to catch that overpowered toad thing right now, but later, after ten hours of play, you’ll have that special skill!

Much like any JRPG, WoFF encourages the player to return to previous areas while offering hours upon hours of story content and many, many battles. With a price tag of $39.99 USD on Steam, I would say the game is completely worth it. From the funny comedy to the battles to the way you progress your Mirages, it’s definitely a game that I will keep returning to throughout the years to come. Make Tama your favorite by playing the game today!

Lolinia gives World of Final Fantasy a Drastik Measure 8.3 out of 10.0 (83).

– Artwork is pretty
– Music is outstanding
– Battle system is uniquely refreshing
– Might not be over 150 (or could be), but there’s lots of Mirages to imprism
– Japanese voice actors make me Kreygasm
– Easier than IV Training, fo sho.
– Tama is so the-cute, I can’t stand it at times.
– Reynn is for Right, Lann is for Left.

– The Jiant-form sprites for Reynn and Lann can be awkward to look at.
– Lann’s character is TOO dumb.
– If using a controller, the UI doesn’t automatically become the controller UI.


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