TDM News Room – Space Invaders Extreme Coming to Steam in February

The following is a press release from Degica.

TOKYO – January 11th – The Space Invaders franchise turns 40 this year and together with Taito we are bringing Space Invaders Extreme and Groove Coaster to Steam.

Space Invaders Extreme (Steam store page)- *Coming in February!*

Welcome to a new world of Space Invaders. The critically acclaimed update to the Space Invaders franchise is back to invade Steam! Originally released to mark the franchise’s 30th anniversary, Space Invaders Extreme has had praise heaped upon it from media and players alike for its re-establishing of the classic game’s relevance in an upbeat, modern package. Packed with pulsing, vibrant visuals enhanced further by interactive sound: the invaders have evolved, the question is: can you keep up?

Groove Coaster for Steam – *Coming in 2018!*

Groove Coaster is Taito’s much-lauded rhythm game series. First released on smart phones in 2011, the series has players and media worldwide dancing to its tune, receiving glowing reviews and multiple awards. The latest title, Groove Coaster 2 Original Style shot through the 3 million downloads barrier and its arcade iteration, Groove Coaster 3EX Dream Party has been burning up the dance floors in Japan since 2013 when it launched in celebration of the Space Invaders 35th anniversary.
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