Demon Peak – PC Review

Genre: Action Adventure Indie
Developer: Kajak Games
Publisher: Kajak Games
Release Date: Jul 7, 2017

Demon Peak is a metroidvania game from Kajak Games and was developed by a group of game dev students as a year long project. When I was first looking at the steam page it reminded me a lot of old Castlevania games such as the best old one Symphony of the Night for the PS1 – which happens to be my favorite Castlevania game of all time to this day. Researching the game before playing I found that a lot of people had issues galore on launch and seems that they fixed the issues that cropped up. In fact, the only issue I ran into is upon launching the game if I had any webpages or discord up it would almost lockup my system and take forever to load and once loaded would not work right. To boot, my system absolutely smashes the min requirements for the game so I have no idea why it was doing it.

Only work around I had was to close out literally everything and then launch it. To be sure it wasn’t just me I had a friend who also had the game install it and launch and he had no issues at all. So I don’t know if this was just my system being funky or what. Anyway, after launching the game and using a controller I was pleasantly surprised by the gameplay, but not the music. My first assumptions about the game were true – it really did give me a feel just like Symphony of the Night did. The music is just really janky to the ears, but it fit the game in some cases. I had to turn it off eventually and put my own music on and that is a true rarity for me for any game except Minecraft and MMOs.

Just like a lot of games of this type, there are secret areas, health ups, magic/essence/mana ups, and skills to discover in the game. In fact in one area, the only one I managed to full clear up to boss, there were 3 skills I found, a health up, an essence up, and a secret. Also in the game there are secondary items like health pots, throwing axes, and quite a few more. The most useful one I found next to the health pots is a boomeranging throwing star that you can hold up to four of, and although sometimes they get stuck and don’t come back, they are still great for those enemies you don’t want to get close to. The graphics definitely give you a feel of the same era Symphony of the Night comes from but more modern look. It boasts a healthy hand painted pixel art landscape with some enemy models getting used with different colors and abilities.

As I stated I only managed to fully clear/explore one area up to a boss but not defeat it in the time I had to review this game. For a $5 on Steam game made by not even into the professional industry yet devs you get what you pay for. I can see the game being as high as $7 to be honest. I can recommend this game to anyone who wants a from the pixel art graphics to the gameplay it delivers just that. The only issues I see for this game going forward is that the devs have not posted an update for the game since July 17 2017. If my review doesn’t convince you to get the game, go find a Let’s Play of the video and go from there. I for one can say it’s definitely on my list of games to stream in the future.


  • Hand painted pixel art graphics
  • Feeds a nostalgia hole
  • Only $5 in price


  • Possible load issues
  • Music is janky
  • Possibly no longer supported by devs

BoxCatHero gives Demon Peak a Drastik Measure of 6.7 (67).