ECHO – PC Review



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Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: ULTRA ULTRA
Publisher: ULTRA ULTRA
Release Date: Sep 19, 2017
Edited by KnightAvenger

Awakening after a 100 year stasis, you find yourself inside a passive-aggressive ship. From this point, you discover that you are seeking a certain “palace” that can only be entered by the worthy. Whatever that means is up to you to discover as you search for something to decipher or unveil the mastery of the cube you discovered or uncovered. The ship’s AI is your only link to any kind of humanity, and you have to make your way through this labyrinth, slowly but surely unveiling the truth about some things. Deeper and deeper we go, and, the longer you linger, the weirder the experience.

To start this off, I must say that I am still surprised by how good the game looks. It reminded me a lot of Hellblade for some odd reason although it may be for the oppressive and ominous feeling that I got while playing ECHO. Considering it, the game could qualify as a thriller, with all the anticipation it built up, as I was roaming through the silent halls. The silent music only added to my uncertainty, as though I was alone or not in this dead place. Besides that, I rather enjoyed the two voice actors of the game. Between the passive-aggressive spaceship AI and the charming accent of the main character, I don’t think I could have asked for more! The snark between these two was absolutely hilarious and I loved every moment of it!

Now, it seems like the game may be flawless, but, as you launch it, it gets super loud for no reason! However, I’ve encountered that problem with every game I’ve reviewed so far, so let’s move on! The only “bad side” of this game, if we forget the fact that I’m the biggest scaredy-cat EVER, is that there is no real way to orientate yourself in ECHO. Meaning that, even if most of it looks to be placed as to make you go forward all the time, there are times where you are left confused as to where to go. There are probably choices you need to make for yourself, maybe not. Anyways, that is really all I can find that, in my opinion, is bad about the game. Not much, huh?

Putting my paranoia aside, the game is pretty damn sweet! I’d recommend it to anyone interested in any kind of thriller-ish adventure/action game. I’m pretty sure one wouldn’t watch the hours go by while playing it. I sure didn’t until it started to freak me out and I closed the game…I didn’t lie about the scaredy-cat part, no.


  • Ultra-realistic graphics
  • Suitable ambiance music
  • Ominous atmosphere
  • Great voice acting


  • VERY loud upon launching
  • Confusing as to where to go at times

TheUndeadLords gives ECHO a Drastik Measure 8.5 out of 10 (85)!

ECHO is available on Steam for $24.99 (USD).