Guardians of Ember – Video PC Review

Genre: Hack and Slash MMORPG
Developer: Runewaker
Publisher: Insel Games Ltd.
Release Date: Sep 20, 2017

Guardians of Ember is developed by the hardcore gamers at Runewaker (the developers of Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet). I don’t remember ever playing either of the games from them, so I went into this with fresh eyes. Overall the appeal of the game was well thought out and enjoyable. As with any game there are good and bad points to Guardians of Ember. The thing that stood out the most was the player base. During the time I played other than the person I was playing with we only ran into one person. For an MMO this is not a good thing at all because it relies on the player base. That being said, that was the only major thing I found wrong with the game, but there were a few minor things as well.

The marketplace (micro-transaction mall) was ok on the dollars to gems ratio, however, it falls through on the prices on the costumes. The ones there were not worth the money at all. The teleport system was very wonky and not well thought out in my opinion. Combat and skill use fall into the category of what had been dubbed as a “Diablo-like”. The skill system is well planned out as is combat. Combat is very fluid, and the skill system gives the game a sense of choice as to how you play. The environmental detail to the areas was absolutely outstanding and gorgeous. Even down to the armor worn by guards in the city the detail was outstanding. However, the price of the game is what’s killing it. It would do much better as a free to play then come down a bit on the DLC. Otherwise this is a game I definitely want to see succeed.


  • Game was beautiful in graphical detail
  • Movement and skills was clear and fluid
  • Music was well fitted to the areas


  • Quest waypoints were not on point with direction
  • Player base is stunted
  • Teleport system was kinda wonky

BoxCatHero gives Guardians of Ember a Drastik Measure of 7.8 (78).

Guardians of Ember is available on Steam for $14.99 USD.