The Drastik Moé from Loli’s Corner – Squid Girl Anime Blu-ray review

Studio: Diomedia
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
Distributor: Section23 Films
Release Date: November 28th, 2017

So, you got your Switch earlier this year and you played the crap out of Splatoon 2. In fact, you played so much that you began to LARP as a kid who is a squid. Now, let’s put away your fake squid gun and watch an anime about a squid who is a kid. Thanks to Sentai Filmworks and their dub team, both seasons of Squid Girl are available on blu-ray with a high-quality dub and way too many squidding puns to shake a fin at. Many thanks to Section23 for the review unit.

Humankind has advanced rapidly in the last 200 years. However, much of that advancement has been at the cost of nature, including the sea. Fed up with humanity’s constant sea polluting, one lone squid decides to come to the surface and rip them a new dorsal fin! Meet Squid Girl, the sea’s emissary of warning to humans… that is, if the humans stop working her nearly to death in a beach shop! Will the squid reign over humankind or is she destined to be haunted by failure? Watch the show to find out!

To be honest, the dub team must’ve had a squidding field day with Squid Girl. From hilariously bad squid/fish/sea puns to the funny characters themselves, Squid Girl is a show that had me rolling in the deep sea. Even the titles are way too over-the-top punny. Titles such as “Let’s have a Grand, Squiddy Time, shall we?”, “Want to Doorbell Ditch and Squidaddle?”, and “Don’t You Th-INK it’s Love?” are only a few examples of the puns in this show. Oh, and don’t worry. They’re in the subs, too. The music ranges from hysterical to emotional and the animation is pretty.

Squid Girl herself is an adorable character and makes sea-ferring through the bad puns (much like that one) worth all the emotional constipation that reading or hearing them will give you. All of the characters, even crazy Sanae, have something I like about them. Good characters definitely bring out the story’s quality, even though most episodes are just one-shots of daily life with a squid-kid. With that in mind, though, they do all come together to show off different aspects of each character’s personality. Rather than telling one huge story through elongated episodes, Squid Girl tells the story of a single squid just trying to get her shrimp in little daily fragments.

With a retail value of $99.98 USD on the Sentai Filmworks store (currently priced at $64.99 USD at time of writing) for the blu-ray, you’ll be getting both seasons of the show, both OVAs, Japanese and English audio, and a fin-full of squid jokes. The DVDs have the same content on them for a lower price, but also lower quality, so keep that in mind if you want to watch the show on an HDTV. Overall, I quite enjoyed watching the show and listening to it in English isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The puns, man. Oh, the puns!

Lolinia gives Squid Girl a Drastik Moé Measure of 7.7 out of 10.0 (77).


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