A Hat in Time – Rize Up First Impressions

Developer: Gears for Breakfast
Publisher: Gears for Breakfast
Release Date: October 5th, 2017

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A Hat In Time is a lovely little platforming adventure game developed and published onto Steam by Gears for Breakfast. It is both beautiful and enjoyable. The vibrant colors and amount of interactive objects in each area make the game a delight to both watch and play. Released on October 5th of this year, A Hat In Time is an extremely cute game that’ll keep you entertained as you jump, wall climb, and create magic hats.

You begin the game in your colorful spaceship when some random dude comes to crash your party…. by smacking the window of your ship and causing all your fuel to dump out onto a nearby planet! As a mysteriously-hatted, space traveling kid, your ship won’t run without it’s fuel. Solve owl-related murders, star in big-budget bird movies, defeat the Mafia, and more in this amazingly fun title. From the moment you step into this game, A Hat in Time won’t easily let you stop playing.

Rev gives A Hat in Time a Drastik Measure 9.75 out of 10 (97)