Loli’s Corner – Food Wars! The Third Plate – Serving up shounen! First dish

The following may contain spoilers for Food Wars! The Third Plate. Proceed with caution.

As some of you may know, I recently reviewed the first season of Food Wars! for Sentai Filmworks. Afterwards, I watched the second season and enjoyed it very much. At current time, the third season of the show is currently airing via  Crunchyroll this season. I thought I’d take a bit of time to watch the third season as it came out and boy am I glad for that. The following paragraphs will contain spoilers for the third season, so be aware if you read further.

The first episode is an extremely strong start for the series. The comedy from the first season makes a powerful comeback right from the get-go. The OP (song performed by ZAQ) is particularly strong for those who have seen every episode up until now. With a fiery background and a fiercely fearsome shot of Tohtsuki Academy for the title screen, the OP lets you know that the cooking action won’t be letting up. In addition, there is a particularly somber shot of the Academy Director (Erina’s grandfather) bowing to Soma under a full moon. Considering that the first two character’s showcased in the OP are Soma and Erina, the OP seems to be hinting at resolving some of the drama between the two this season, possibly revealing to the two that they are bound by Soma’s father.

The OP isn’t the only thing to like in the show, though. The content of the episode stands firm, as well. Soma and Megumi are riding to an unknown destination where she tells him of the upcoming Moon Festival. They also conveniently recap the second season’s OVA if you haven’t seen it (such as myself). This sets up the viewers for the first of the upcoming rivalries to be shown in this season. If there’s one thing the series is known for, it’s for the fierce competitive nature of the show. After all, Tohtsuki Academy has a graduation rate of less than ten percent. The feel of the episode is superb and doesn’t try to recap the entire series in the first ep.

Finally, the ED is pretty entertaining in itself. It starts with a shot of the finalists from second season, goes into a shot of Erina, and then into the Elite Ten of the school. Combined with the powerful music of nano.ripe, even the ED will keep you glued to your seat. Also, piggybacking off of the OP, the ED shows a strong sense of the season dealing with the Elite Ten and Soma’s and Erina’s relationship because of the way it begins. During the sequence, you see scenes relating to Soma, Megumi, Erina, and one of the Elite Ten respectively in rapid succession behind a colored silhouette of the aforementioned characters. Not to mention, the montage of previously-cooked dishes in the show at the beginning of the ED really brings back memories of some great moments.

This third season of Food Wars! is set up to be jam-packed with drama with the way the OPs and EDs kind of tell the story. Combine that with the elegant food designs and the wacky comedy, Food Wars! The Third Plate is definitely a show to look out for in the future. I’ll definitely be watching it weekly, myself. Only time can tell with a series like this. I probably won’t write up on every episode, but I will be keeping watch over this series for more developments.


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