Lost Castle – Video PC Review

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Hunter Studio
Publisher: Another Indie, X.D. Network Inc.
Release Date: Sep 1, 2016
Edited by KnightAvenger

Lost Castle is an action RPG beat’em up with rogue-like elements which come across as a mix of Castle Crashers and Rogue Legacy. I thoroughly enjoyed both games, and Lost Castle, while it has a few issues, felt like a near-perfect marriage between the two IP’s. It can be played with KBM or with a controller for which it has full support.

There are only two differences between single and multi-player modes of the game. In single player, you have a randomly generated appearance whereas, in multi-player, you select an appearance before the game starts. The other difference is, in single player, if you die, that’s it, but, in multi-player, your teammates can revive you. Other than that, both modes have random weapons at the start, randomly generated levels, and traps…yay, trap rooms.

With that bit of info, let me dig more into what I liked and didn’t like about the game. First off, like I said, the game felt like a cross between Rogue Legacy-with its progression and randomness-and Castle Crashers-with its zaniness and gameplay style. Multi-player had no discernible issues other than the fact that when I went to accept a game invite while in single player mode, it caused the game to freak out and freeze. The music, sound, and great character artwork really worked with the base concept of the game. The only issue I found was that the progression window text seemed off and ill-fitting, so maybe a different font would have helped there. Also, I do have some suggestions for the devs and they are to allow the player to go back to previous rooms to try other paths and to have a map to see the layout of the dungeon. I believe this would make the game even better.


  • Full controller support
  • Randomized weapons and levels at the start
  • No lag in multi-player
  • A cross between Rogue Legacy and Castle Crashers


  • Progression screen could use some work
  • Game froze when trying to join a multi-player game from single player

BoxCatHero gives Lost Castle a Drastik Measure 7.2 out of 10(72)

Lost Castle is available on Steam for $9.99 (USD).