Super Stone Legacy – PC Review

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Garden Shed Studios
Publisher: Garden Shed Studios
Release Date: May 26, 2017
Edited by KnightAvenger

Evil has been unleashed upon the land and a group of six are all there to stop it. Are you up for the challenge in this rogue-lite, dungeon crawling, hack and slash game? There are enemies to clear, bosses to beat, and death around every corner. That is what you get when you play Super Stone Legacy.

The game play of Super Stone Legacy is easy to pick up and easy to get used to, but, as of this review, I had a problem with the game not being able to support my controller. The player is given the option of playing as one of six characters that can be switched out with ease during combat. Each character gets a regular attack and a charged attack that is designed to deal with multiple enemies. Enemies drop gold which can be collected. When you are done clearing the enemies as part of the grid, you progress to the next screen until you reach the boss.

Upon completing a dungeon, a screen is presented, where XP is distributed to all six characters, with the one who breaks the stone, after the boss is defeated, gaining a bonus. As the characters gain more XP, they increase in level, boosting their stats, which are attack, health, and speed. Upon reaching level three, the character unlocks a super attack, which is a massive AOE/invulnerable move designed to attack multiple enemies at once.

As for the coins collected in the dungeons, they can be spent to increase stats, gain XP, or heal the hero selected. The health stat only goes up every 100 points put into the stat. With every stat increase costing 10 gold, a new heart costs 1000 gold. Seeing as every character has different stats, distributing the gold among the heroes becomes tedious, with some easily getting favored over others.

Different characters to choose from all feel unique with some clearly superior than others. Base attacks typically are a hard-hitting slow attack or fast light-hitting attack that can be spammed with the attacks either being melee or ranged. The real difference is their dodges, charged attacks, and supers, which is where some easily stand above others. An example is the Knight, who is the writer’s personal favorite. Starting off with a high attack, a good dodge move, and the charge attack hit in a full circle clearly is something to be messed with. When compared to the Duelist, whose charged attack is a slow-moving, low damage flame, and, instead of a dodge, who gets another attack where a weapon is thrown directly in front, the Knight comes off feeling like the better choice.

The dungeons in the game and the bosses are chosen at random with each playthrough feeling different. With it being generated in those ways, the difficulty curve can be thrown off at times. Some games may have the player facing a very hard dungeon and boss, followed by a very easy one to beat next. The bosses do vary in an appealing way, ranging from side to side attacking to complicated patterns.

Sound plays a big part in the appeal of Super Stone Legacy. A lot of the sounds easily are supposed to be like those from classic consoles. All the sounds seem fantastic with the game even doing a remix of the main song to the popular game Rogue Legacy. The bosses themselves do get their own unique sound when appearing, sounding like an alarm. The one sound that gets annoying very quickly is the low health sound, indicating that the character being played has only one hit left, which doesn’t stop until it is out of that state.

Super Stone Legacy is a game that will keep the player wanting to go on and beat previous runs. With a simple premise, quick to pick up control scheme, and every play session feeling different, it easily overcomes the flaws it has.


  • Simple controls
  • Great soundtrack
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Great boss variety


  • Low health sound is annoying
  • Some of the characters are underwhelming
  • Difficulty curve can vary greatly
  • Reviewer’s controller did not work with the game

Sargefan19 gives Super Stone Legacy a Drastik Measure 6.5 out of 10 (65)

Super Stone Legacy is currently available on Steam for $9.99 (USD).