TDM News Room – Loli’s Corner – Dysfunctional Systems 2 Art Director Doomfest Reveals Art

Recently, we had a review on our site (written by yours truly) of Dysfunctional Systems: Orientation, the prequel to Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos. DysSys: Orientation follows Winter’s first week of mediator school and you can read more about my thoughts of it in the review. With the prequel’s release, though, came news that Dischan Media was making a return to the game development field and also producing Dysfunctional Systems 2. Personally, I cannot wait to jump into Dysfunctional Systems 2 when it comes out. In the meantime, I (and the rest of us) will have to make do with the little reveals that the Dischan Media team gives us.

Yesterday, August 9th, the Art Director Doomfest shared some of the concept art images onto Twitter and it makes me hunger for Dysfunction Systems 2 a bunch. Here they are below:



















This art makes me miss Winter’s sweater, but makes me want to hug Irie.