The Drastik Moé from Loli’s Corner – Mobile Suit Gundam Origins: The Chronicles of Char and Sayla Anime Blu-Ray Review

Publisher: Sunrise
Distributer: Nozomi Entertainment
Release Date: August 1st, 2017

As my first Gundam series in about twenty years, it’s safe to say that I was skeptical of watching Mobile Suit Gundam Origins: The Chronicles of Char and Sayla (MSG:O for the purposes of this review) simply because I had never really watched anything else in the series.  However, MSG:O was a perfect return to the series and has sparked my interest in more Mobile Suit goodness. Produced by Sunrise and distributed by Nozomi Entertainment, MSG:O is easy to watch with no understanding of Gundam whatsoever beyond “giant robots fight giant robots”. The music, direction, and animation for the series is fantastic. Many thanks to Nozomi for the review Blu-Ray.

MSG:O is the origin story behind the Mobile Suits. It shows the creation of the Principality of Zeon and the revenge that started a war. You see how Mobile Suits evolved. I wish I could explain MSG:O in a better way, but there was so much to learn in the series that I feel I would spoil something… Though, I suppose an avid Gundam watcher would’ve known some of this stuff beforehand through all the other Mobile Suit series.

As I said already, this was the first Gundam series that I watched since I was a child watching Gundam Wing on television. As a child, I knew nothing about the show except that I liked watching it. There were explosions everywhere and loud noises and giant mechas. Fast forward some two decades and a couple hundred slice-of-life anime later, I wasn’t expecting to like Gundam as much because I didn’t know how story-rich the series could be. It’s active and keeps you anticipating more. In fact, watching MSG:O has made me want to watch more Gundam series because of how good it is.

The music and sound effects for MSG:O were absolutely amazing. The story was engaging and the animation was on point. There aren’t many extras on the blu-rays, but each disc is its own episode and the visuals are stunning. For an origin story, it treated itself as a start and not just a flashback. It was very easy to follow the storyline and that is the mark of great direction. The only issue I really had with the story was that it felt cut off, like the end was a cliffhanger. However, that might be because I don’t know the rest of the story through the other series.

Overall, I feel that this blu-ray would be a great start to a newbie and an awesome origins story to boot. Seeing the story roll out to how the Mobile Suits were developed and how Char Aznable came to be the Red Comet was a refreshing experience. For the price of $64.99 USD on RightStuf, MSG:O is definitely worth it.  It was an enjoyable watch and got me inspired to watch more Gundam.

Lolinia gives Mobile Suit Gundam Origins: The Chronicles of Char and Sayla a Drastik Measure of 8.0 out of 10.0 (80).


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