The Drastik Moé – Dreams about the Sun or something? Oh! Dreamin’ Sun!

Mangaka: Ichigo Takano
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Release Date: May 2nd, 2017
Genre: Shoujo

Are you into slice-of-life style anime or manga? How about a good love story? Need the love story with less mysterious letters? If the answer to any of that is yes, then this review is for you! Dreamin’ Sun is a cute shoujo manga series published by Seven Seas Entertainment. It has cute characters, a budding story, and deep meaning in itself. Many thanks to Seven Seas for the review copy.

Shimana Kameko (very memorable name!) is a high-school girl with low self-esteem. She hates how she looks, hates to wake up in the mornings, and hates her own name. One day, she is fed up with her self-imposed ‘uselessness’ and decides to run away from home and skip school. With nowhere to go and no one to lean onto, Shimana randomly meets a man in a kimono sleeping outside after a night of implied heavy alcoholic intake. After offering her a place to stay with extremely cheap rent, she is given three tasks to complete, one of which includes falling in love.

The story of Dreamin’ Sun sounds pretty ridiculous at first glance, but it is quite well-written. Shimana must deal with her own insecurities while dealing with three guys who have their own quirks. The first volume introduces us to where she’ll be living, her roommates, and her dilemma. At the end of the book is a section that semi-introduces characters coming in future volumes. It’s a great introduction to the world in a series planned to be about ten volumes.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. The characters have a certain charm about them that I just can’t help but like. The story is only in the beginning stages and has plenty of development to go and the drawing style is absolutely adorable. Shimana being a cutie with a bit of depression doesn’t hurt, either. You can choose from your favorite retailer-of-choice (depending on availability) from the Seven Seas website and, for the price of $12.99, I believe Dreamin’ Sun is worth it to pick up. My mouth is already watering for the next volume.

Lolinia gives Dreamin’ Sun a Drastik Moé Measure of 7.2 out of 10.0 (72).


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