Panty Party – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude

Genre: Sexual Content Action Adventure Casual Indie Simulation
Developer: Animu Game
Publisher: Animu Game
Release Date: Jan 24, 2017

Some games are meant to be comical in nature, others more serious, and rarely in some cases do these lines cross, and a game is created to match that unique flare; this being the case with a silly little title called Panty Party. Panty Party is an indie action adventure game that was developed and later released by Animu Game, where you, in the form of a pair of panties, take on other rogue panties with a ‘unique’ story, limited but solid music, and good visuals. This does not save the game from many flaws, however, as we will discuss farther into the review.

Raise your sword or other weapons and take aim, as the story of Panty Party is told from a ‘unique’ perspective of, well, a pair of panties. We, the player, play through the eyes of Yurika, a girl on her way to school when she come across Baka Panty, in search of the warrior of love. After turning into a pair of panties herself, and getting grilled on the basics, we are told that an evil pair of panties known as Panzi-sama is trying to brainwash all humans to think panties are their true love. Now armed with weapons in hand, it is time to go in as a pair of panties and fight your way to Panzi-sama. This is where I will end the story segment but I have a few gripes with the story I want to talk about.

As I stated last paragraph, I do have a few gripes with Panty Party’s story; More specifically, the lack of rhyme or reason for this story to be even happening, and how little the main character actually cares about the whole situation. Let us start with the lack of rhyme or reason of the story, I am not usually one who dislikes or hates a story based on the decisions the story makes, but when we are given no backstory as to why a pair of panties is running down the street, or how a human can magically turn into a pair of panties to fight other panties, then somehow turn back into a human on the fly with no repercussion, is enough to break my back. I would have loved just some backstory, an explanation as to why these warriors of love can change and revert as if it was normal, when the main character Yurika does not even know she is one. The other big gripe I personally have is how little Yurika cares about the whole matter for most of the story. Now I can understand from Yurika’s side of things where being thrust into a world where she has a big and important role such as this can be very difficult to take on, but she shows very little care of the matter, even when she is challenged by other warriors of love to prove her worth in the story as it progresses.

Fire those lasers into the enemy as we leap into the main meat of the game; the missions, modes and combat. I am going to start with combat as it is the most advanced portion of this section, and requires a decent explanation. The basis of combat relies on three things to do well and survive; those being to learn dodge timing, when to use what attack, and when to use your ultimate ability. You get three types of attacks in the game per pair of panties, and each panty has a different move set for each one. Your main form of attack will be your 1, or melee, attack; this is your bread and butter for most damage, and is important to learn when to use this attack, or your limited range attack. Your 2 is generally some sort of push move or a stronger move that does more damage then your 1 but has a cooldown after you use it, this move is very good for fighting bosses as I found it did a healthy amount of damage without being too slow. Your 3 is a ranged move, and tends to have a sort of bonus perk such as a slow for example attached to it, but also will go on a much longer cooldown than your 2, so knowing when to use this move in combat can save your life. Your last major move is your right click, or your ultimate. This ability heavily depends on the panties you’re playing as, where one may be a simple steroid for your melee damage, or firing a wave of rockets at an enemy for a brief period of time for another. This also has the longest cooldown of all the skills, so this is the skill you will focus on using at just the right time.

I do want to touch on the dodging mechanic separately though, due to how vital it is to survival in Panty Party. Your primary use of dodge is to avoid an attack or strafe in another direction if needed, going left with the Q key and right with the E key. Knowing these keys can save your life as many of the game’s challenges are based on not dying to unlock many of the various panties the game has in the story mode, so they will quickly become your best friends, alongside your 1 ability to melee many a thing.

Next, I would like to talk about how the story mode is set up, and why I think the setup makes the game less interesting as a mode. The story mode is broken up into missions, most missions having a pair of hidden panties you can unlock by doing certain challenges in that particular level. Each mission progresses the overall story, and while I think this setup is fine for the most part, I do have one complaint. The fact that these missions last roughly less than five minutes each does not make for the most interesting of gameplay, especially when you consider that the only two modes the game offers are both single player, and with an already lacking story background, I was hoping for a little more challenge.

The last area of major gameplay I want to speak about is the modes, the arcade mode specifically. This mode is where most of the meat of the gameplay lies, giving the player the ability to take each pair of panties they have unlocked in the story mode into a Shadow the Hedgehog like setup where you start at one level, and as you defeat each level, you progress farther towards one of four or five final stages. This is definitely where most of the true gameplay lies, but it very heavily dependant on the player going through the story mode and unlocking every panty in the game to make the most use of this mode. This being said, I found this mode to be very rewarding compared to the story mode, as you had to use everything you have learned, like dodging and attack timing, to be considered successful in each run.

If I had to give someone an idea of what the overall presentation of Panty Party was like, I would have to say think about something like the game Bleach: Soul Resurreccion on the PS3, where the visuals can be colorful and dark when needed, with music that is okay but sometimes not memorable. Visually, I relate Panty Party to Bleach because the game shares this similar art-style where everything looks very realistic and life-like, both in the character models, background, and to some degree the speaking areas. The backgrounds utilized in Panty Party are very vivid and colorful, something that helps brighten up this idea of a world threatened to be mind controlled, but it also allows it to remain dark where needed. The CG scenes, or lack thereof in some cases, are disappointing but being that this is an indie title, I can respect the use of the character talking scenes before and after each mission to tell the story. With the characters, I feel like they are simple in concept but well executed for a game about panties. Each panty has its own look to them, and the attention to detail was nice here, just the lack of seeing a physical model of the warriors of love like Yurika was a disappointment.

The music of Panty Party is good at first, but ultimately becomes unmemorable as the music does not change much. The biggest drawback is the lack of musical options given to us, with three or four total options for songs, and they become stale quickly as you spend most of your time listening to them in combat when fighting, or on the menus. The style of music was not bad though, bringing more of a jazz meets rock type of crossover that felt like a good match to the game’s theme and tone. The sound effects here are the star though, being used frequently and well executed in this regard as they sounded realistic in an anime style world. The placement was nicely done as well, creating a second layer of music in a sense to bring the player more into the game.

Overall, I found Panty Party to be a good experience if you are looking for a nice single player game with a solid randomness factor, but not much too hold onto after the first few hours. A ‘uniquely’ told story perspective wise, good gameplay mechanically, decent story mode, good and challenging arcade mode, realistic and life-like visuals in an anime style, simple but solidly executed character panty models, music style is nice and memorable, and excellent sound effect usage made for a panty slashing experience.


  • The ‘uniquely’ told story experience from the eyes of a pair of panties
  • Gameplay was good and held up mechanically
  • The story mode has a decent setup
  • A challenging and fun arcade mode
  • The use of realistic and life-like visuals within the anime style
  • The panty models were solidly executed, with all the designs in the game
  • The musical style was a nice mix and memorable
  • Some of the best sound effect usage for a hack and slash style title


  • Lack of an explainable backstory
  • Yurika as a character felt like unlikable protagonist
  • Combat mechanics can be punishing to new players at first
  • Story mode setup wise felt disheveled and short
  • Lack of a 3-D model for some characters felt dissatisfying overall
  • Music soundtrack has very few song and get repetitive quickly

DarkLunarDude gives Panty Party a Drastik Measure 6.9 out of 10.0 (69)

For the price of $9.99 on Steam, Panty Party is an interesting experience, but not one I can recommend to many people. If you are looking for a title that has some good, playful elements, and a good amount of single player content, be it limited, then this title is for you. I will say though, the lack of a real story with some sort of explanation, and the story mode being more like an arcade mode in style, made me feel disconnected from the game.