The Drastik Moé from Loli’s Corner – Tamayura Hitotose anime review

Production: Hal Film Maker / TYO Animations
Publisher: Nozomi Entertainment / Lucky Penny
DVD Release Date: October 6th, 2015

The magic of Photography. It’s a stupid concept for some, but for others, it’s an absolutely wondrous thing. When you look at the photos of your school yearbooks (or even look at a retro game you played when you were younger), do you remember the fun times you had? Would you like an anime that takes that concept and crafts it into a wonderful story? It’s rare that an anime takes a pure slice-of-life point of view and doesn’t try to turn the story into a love story or saving the world or other such grand schemes. Amidst the myriad of battle-action anime and supernatural Being X’s, Tamayura Hitotose is a beautiful telling of a normal girl’s life after the death of her father. (Many thanks to Nozomi Entertainment for the review copy.)

To summarize the series, Fuu Sawatari is a Japanese middle-schooler in the process of picking her new high school when she comes home one day to find her little s- erm, cute little brother fingering his way through an old photo album filled with images taken by her late father when they were little children. The death of her father was very painful for Fuu and, for many years, she could not look at the photos her father took without feeling painful memories. However, that day, she looked through the album with warm feelings. These feelings spiraled into her choosing a high school in her father’s hometown and picking up her father’s camera to once again take up photography. Remembering what her father taught her and learning more along the way, Fuu comes to grips with her father’s passing and makes brilliant new memories in an old town. Together with her friends Norie, Kaoru, and Maon, she learns what photography means to her and how she wants to grow.

Personally, I really liked this title. It’s a very relaxed show. From the music down to the animation style and voice acting, Tamayura leaves an impact. I loved how from the moment you step into that world, you pretty much know that you won’t be blindsided by random monster encounters or have a girl/boyfriend dropped down on your doorstep from the sky above. I adored how the music matched the tone almost all the time and that each main character felt quirky, yet relatable. At the same time, as I learned more, with Fuu, about the characters, the more at home I felt with the series. It is an absolutely heartwarming tale full of emotions. I very much want the second season, so yeah.

For the price of $44.99 USD on RightStuf, I wholeheartedly recommend this anime. No, it doesn’t have demi-humans, a mage who can only explode things, or a priest with lusty nights, but it does have a crybaby who cares about her friends, a high-schooler with a smell fetish, a brocon pastry chef-in-training, and a girl who communicates not only through speech, but also by whistling. With such an eclectic cast of characters and tons more not mentioned, Tamayura Hitotose is definitely an interesting slice of a girl’s life. Take a journey with Fuu soon, will ya?

Tamayura OVA (Disc 1) included!
Promos for other anime!
Clean OP/ED sequences!
Commercials from Japan! (about the anime)
Really good disc art!

Lolinia gives Tamayura Hitotose a Drastik Moé Measure of 8.0 out of 10.0 (80).

PS. Buyusuke gets a ten, though-buyu~


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