Space Hulk: Deathwing – PC Review – by BoxCatHero

Genre: Action Adventure FPS Sci-fi
Developer: Streum On Studio
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: Dec 14, 2016

Space Hulk: Deathwing is a new FPS from the devs over at Streum On Studio and is published by Focus Home Interactive. I have never played any games from Streum at all, but I have played, and own, a lot of games from Focus. I enjoyed most of them and went into this with a high hopes, and was and was not disappointed with it. The game is set in the Warhammer 40k universe and based off of the classic Space Hulk board game from Game Workshop. I have played and enjoyed other games in the same universe and absolutely loved them. The Dawn of War series being the predominant series, but this game is of a totally different genre.

You take the role of a Librarian in the Deathwing of the Death Angels chapter of the Imperial Space Marines (ISP). It is the most secretive and feared chapter of the ISP, and rightfully so. The game begins with the discovery of the remains of a Space Hulk class ship, and you are requested to join in the search and containment of it. You also somewhat control two other squad members who are there to assist you against whatever horrors await you on the ship. Things soon start to go awry as you board the ship. Upon investigating you find the ship crawling with genestealers.

As you progress, you find out there is more than you guys bargained for on this ship, and it becomes a fight for survival. Now as far as gameplay goes, I had several game breaking issues which made me not want to play the game. For instance, there were incredibly long load screens. I mean sometimes the game took well over 10 minutes to even load into the main menu. Then there were the random crashes that occurred, and I do mean bloody as random as can be – They never happened in the same place twice. I actually only made it through the first chapter due to persistence and wanting to get a feel for the game.

The other game breaking bug I ran into was when there was an excessive amount of enemies on the screen, the game would begin chugging and stuttering. My PC is no beast, but I can handle most games on almost full ultra settings with little to no problem, but not with this game. Even with the settings turned down to the lowest I ran into this issue. With the reasons as to why not to buy the game out of the way, let me tell you the few as to why to buy it. For one, the overall design of the game truly does bring the world of Warhammer 40k to life.

Another is the way they handle level progression and equipment. By following the tenets set forth by the Emperor by exterminating all aliens, heretics, and so forth on every level, at the end you are given points based how well you did. You have three trees you can go into. One that affects the squad as a whole, one that affects only you, and one that affects your Psyker abilities. You also unlock new equipment after each level as well. Honestly, that’s about it – everything else about this game is just so horrible. Unless they manage to fix the issues with the game I can’t recommend this in good faith to anyone.


  • Faithful to WH40k lore


  • Random Crashes
  • Insane load times
  • Stuttering during combat

BoxCathero gives Space Hulk: Deathwing a Drastik Measure of 3.5 out of 10 (35).

Space Hulk: Deathwing can be found on Steam for $39.99 USD.