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Hey, everyone!

Lolinia here with a new addition to the News Room. I’ve decided that, every so often, I’ll start gathering the thoughts and opinions of our fellow TDM members about kickstarters they are interested in. So here’s article one of our KickStarter KorneR! This edition is short, but I hope you enjoy it!

Lolinia – Alpha’s Adventures
Personally, I’m looking forward to how Alpha’s Adventures turns out. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for yuri VNs. Having the chance to possibly read another one with such a diverse cast of characters really burns my moé meter. That, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna give me a fetish for female muscles. Add the fact that it’s an English Original novel and that there’s no one but the devs who know it intimately, I’m looking even more forward to a new set of stories.

For a link to the Kickstarter:

K3W3L – Sundered
I’ve always loved trying out all sorts of roguelikes (and to a lesser extent, metroidvanias), and along comes one that neatly combines these two genres into one. Sundered, the game in question, is the upcoming sophomore title from Thunder Lotus Games, well-known for their hand-drawn aesthetic. The money they wanted from Kickstarter is basically for polishing, and they needed alpha/beta testers. Their previous title Jotun had also been funded via Kickstarter, and it’s a delightful affair, so you definitely know that Sundered will be of a similarly high degree and pedigree. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to play the alpha, and while it feels a bit lacking in content due to the lack of enemy variation, it just felt amazing. Unfortunately I missed the Kickstarter, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on this title and look forward to getting it once it releases later this year.

For a link to the (admittedly finished) Kickstarter:
For a link to the Steam page:


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