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This is labeled as an 18+ review due to links that go to a NSFW site and a piss picture. Please be advised to not continue reading if you are underage.

Genre: Visual Novel
Developer: Purple Software
Publisher: Sekai Project (All-Ages), Denpasoft (18+)
Release Date: February 28th, 2017
Review Author: Lolinia

ChronoClock is a newly localized title for western consumption. Developed by Purple Software and published by Sekai Project, ChronoClock is the story of an average boy born to a not so average family and who also inherited a magic watch from his grandfather that turns back time by five minutes when it is shattered. … Yeah. Seems pretty legit. Having completed the All-Ages version of this game, ChronoClock has left a STRONG impression on me. The artwork, technical aspects, and language used in the game are superb. The story is tight, but also lacking in some places. However, that shouldn’t truly deter one from getting this great VN.  Many thanks to Sekai Project for the All-Ages review key and Nutaku for the 18+ content!


The first thing I noticed when I booted up ChronoClock is that it is, indeed, a very pretty game. Not just pretty girls, but the the artwork itself is very smooth and appealing to the eye. The sprites are charming and the backgrounds are gorgeous. Different times of the day can change how a scene looks in an instant. My favorite part definitely had to be the beach with its moving ocean. I do wish they had moving clouds for even better immersion, though. To make up for that, however, Cro’s sprite constantly bobs up and down to imitate her floating, Miu’s sprite wears emotions like masks (see image above), and Makoto’s sprite has the cutest cries. Each sprite has its own unique flare to match the character’s personality. There’s also a copious amount of CGs (60+ without counting variations) and sound effects, as well as visual effects to move characters around the screen.

She’s deceptively hiding tiny tits.

The story in ChronoClock is pretty good. For the most part, it is a heartwarming tale of a boy’s love for his girlfriend. In each route, our protagonist (Rei Sawatari) falls head over heels in love with the girl of your choosing. Whether saving them from a rampant [Redacted] aptly named [Redacted] or just taking them out for a date, protag kinda knows how to schmooze the ladies. Now, if you’re the type of person who is easily disgusted by incest, I do recommend staying away from this game. Rei’s sister has Niagra Falls nestled between her knees and she has no problem letting her brother know how much of a river flow she has for him. In addition, she does have a route, too; so take that as you may. While the story is not an action-packed roller coaster, it does make me want an anime adaptation akin to how Yosuga no Sora was adapted, but spread among two-cours. Once you’ve done the initial four routes, you can unlock more. However, the last unlock feels… a bit unfulfilling, to say the least. ESPECIALLY if you end up picking said girl as your Waifu-at-first-sight. Just a little warning. In the end, the story was full of emotional moments, even if the unlocked routes feel a tad confusing to think about too deeply.

A little something for the foot fetish fans!

What left more impression on me in ChronoClock was the amount of customization you can have with the game. The menu is chock-full of features such as color-customizing the dialogue, choosing a standard fixed dialogue box or the game’s custom moving one, and whether to display the names of songs. Striking me the most was the gesture settings. Using only the mouse (no buttons or menus save for setting up the system), you can view the backlog, turn auto mode on, save the game, pause the game, go to the next choice, skip text, replay voice settings, change text bar transparency, turn the master volume up or down, etc. It’s a very handy feature that I wish more visual novels would use. (That, and controller support for us gamers/VN Enthusiats with bad backs or carpal tunnel.) In addition, even though I was on a very early-access build of the game at one point, I never once had crashing issues.

Handy features, ho!~

EPIC DIVERGENCE IN TRANSIT! As of March 11th, 2017, I also finished looking at the 18+ version that is available to buy on Nutaku (and soon DenpaSoft). For the most part, the scenes are worth the extra ten bucks, in my opinion. You don’t have to sit and read the game over and over to get a quickie with ChronoClock. Just start the game and whatever girl’s route you’ve finished, her sex scenes are available. Mind you, each girl has two scenes, and save for best girls Cro and Miu, you do have to play through one sex scene to unlock the girl’s second sex scene. While this did kinda hinder my enjoyment for some scenes, the moment Cro pissed from her orgasm made up for it all. Sadly, there’s no footjobs and while the voice acting is great, you only get sexy sound effects during voice lines. So, it was worth it for Cro’s pee to me, but depending on how you like your sex scenes (with lots of raunch, for me!), you may not find as much worth in them as I did.

Delicious piss. *thumbs-up*

All-in-all, ChronoClock is a pretty good visual novel. It’s definitely one of the better ones on Steam and worth the price tag of $29.99 USD. You get a load of great artwork where almost every scene is pretty much CG worthy, a nice OST, and a bunch of handy features. You can purchase it in its 18+ form currently on Nutaku for $39.99 USD. For what it’s worth, playing the All-Ages version isn’t bad, but I do prefer having the option with this game as the story is pretty tight without them, but seeing them was stimulating. Overall, it took me 130+ hours to read the entire thing from start to finish… twice. I definitely recommend this game. Now it’s time for me to read it a third time, THIS TIME FOR FUN… or just to see Cro wet herself deliciously again!

– OST is relaxing and fitting
– Michiru is a blind horn-dog
– Gesture seetings and great artwork
– Disgustingly heartwarming
– D.D. Simply D.D.
– Cro pisses herself
– Sex scenes have their own gallery and are optional to view

– Story can be a tad confusing by the end.
– Go through four long-ass routes to unlock one, then that one to unlock the final, and the final is shit-tier short… but still fulfilling… criminal. T.T
– D.D.’s unique speech pattern can be difficult for readers who aren’t at least semi-versed in Nihongo. Have a JP>EN jisho ready. (See what I mean?)

Lolinia gives ChronoClock a Drastik Measure 7.8 out of 10.0 (78).


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