AL・FINE – PC Review – by BoxCatHero

Genre: Casual Indie SIM RPG
Developer: CrimsonRabbit
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release date: Nov 11, 2016

AL・FINE is casual JRPG with simulation elements from the developers at Crimson Rabbit and published by Sekai Project. It’s CrimsonRabbit’s first game that they have released, and it is definitely worth a look at if you enjoy casual, laid back JRPGs. With that said, welcome to Notte Luce! A highly commercialized town, and melting pot of the three races Human, Sprite, and Kindred. The story follows Louis the son of a shop owner, his childhood friend Sophie, and a Sprite named Alice. Due to an accident occurring between Alice and Louis, Louis suddenly owes a lot of money and is forced to become the new owner of his family’s store. It is reopened as Al Fine.The object of the game, of course, is to make as much money as possible, and pay back your debt. However, there is a lot more to it then that. The days are split into three parts: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. You can only do one thing per time slot, so you must choose between running your shop, getting supplies, and much more. Not to mention, you have to pay attention to the weather, which can have a heavy influence on your customer base. Items you can sell come from one of two places: the Market, which you buy at a 20% discount, or the the less reliable method of sending an Adventurer out into a dungeon via their guild.Don’t get me wrong about sending Adventures out to dungeons, it can be very profitable, I just had really bad rng luck, and kept getting some of the worst loot. In addition to the Market and Adventures guild, you have several places you can choose to visit. The merchants guild is where you can upgrade your store and view shop rankings. The bar is where you can learn about different shops. The church is where my favorite character I met is located, Chloe the nun, who gives you information about the weather. Then there is the park, which gives you information about types of customers and how to cater to them.Back to the upgrading your store. What I meant by this is you can increase the amount of shelves you have and their max weight. Plus, you can choose the style of shelves, curtains, flooring, walls, etc. As far as how to actually play the game, it’s all done by keyboard and mouse with no controller support at all. The tutorial at the start of the game, and when new things pop up, do such a great job of explaining how to do things that I don’t feel the need to discuss them past that in this review. That is a rare feat for a game to give me that kind feeling. The soundtrack for the game is so relaxing, which is a must have for a casual game. I mean, who wants a casual game that’s going to have music that’s abrasive and loud?A cool thing about the soundtrack is that once you encounter it in game, it’s available for play in the Gallery. The CGs can also be found there as well. Moving onto the artwork for the game, the character designs do an amazing job of showing the personality and occupation for said character. The overall feel of the graphics is that of a high quality JRPG to me. With all that being said, lets move onto the issues I had with the game. I streamed it twice for TDM on our twitch channel, and had it crash several times before finishing the tutorial the first time, and did not have the issue the second time I streamed it. It did, however, at the end of the first big event in the game, go completely black. I did not have any of these issues when I played it offline though.

BoxCatHero gives AL・FINE a Drastik Measure 8.0 out of 10 (80).


  • Laid back music and gameplay
  • Interesting characters designs
  • Well done Tutorial


  • Having to save often due to possible bugs

AL・FINE is available on Steam for $14.99 USD.