No, Thank You!!! (18+) – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude

Genre: Boys’ Love/BL/Yaoi Hentai Visual Novel
Developer: parade
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: Oct 25, 2016

CONTENT WARNING: This is an adult visual novel and as such there are images that are NSFW in this review. Please do not scroll down past the first paragraph if you are at work or under the age of 18.
Hentai novels come in all sorts of types and genres, something that i fell in love with as it made each novel have a unique and diverse property to it, No, Thank You!!! is just another great example of the imaginative mind at work. No, Thank You!!! is a hentai novel developed by parade, later released by MangaGamer, and while this hentai novel boldly faces itself as a boys’ love novel, it does so knowing what it brings to the table while doing it very well.
 With a relaxed nature, No, Thank You!!! seperates itself from other hentai novels with both its story and characters, giving a relaxing, yet subtle feel to the novel that is highly welcomed. We, the reader, read through the eyes of Haru, a young man who, during the start of one summer vacation, was walking down the street when he noticed a car speed at a older gentleman. Haru jumps into harm’s way to save him, but this in turn costs him his memory. The older man, Kouichi Inui, is thankful for the young man’s actions and in turn, offers him a place to stay and gives him a job at a bar he owns called Sotano. This is where he meets his three fellow co-workers, but it soon gets revealed that this is not just a bar and Haru soon becomes enveloped into this new world around him. To go farther would be a spoiler for a solid story, something I honestly suggest you check out should the story setup interest you.
 By all rights, No, Thank You!!! is considered a yaoi and it is not afraid to show off everything once the steam starts rising. The four romanceable characters within the novel are each different in personality and interests, so finding someone you want to romance isn’t difficult. There are multiple routes as well in the novel, with a good, solid length of play time per route, so if you are looking for a novel that offers that and well done sex scenes, look no farther than No, Thank You!!!. The pacing can be a tad slow in some portions of the story, which is my main drawback from the overall tale.
 To rate No, Thank You!!! on its overall presentation, it gives off the air of a lovingly drawn game, with a careful attention to detail in the multiple CG scenes the novel has to offer. No, Thank You!!! offers over three thousand CG scenes, three thousand is a lot of scenes to find and see, but is that hunt worth it? I would think so, each one is detailed, with the characters expressive, though a bit stiff at times. The character models are nicely done as well here, something I appreciate as they animate well and create this smile on your face as you see the characters interact with each other in impactful ways.
 No, Thank You!!! musically keeps with your traditional fair of musical choices, including the piano, some string instruments but keeps a focus on more jazzy style so you will hear a lot of brass instruments, horns and trumpets and the like, sort of like a fusion of styles to hear while reading and to set the tone. Sound effects, while limited here, do exist but they take a backseat to the music. This is normally something I do not like, as I feel sound effects can act as a second emerson layer for the player which would seem like a drawback, but here it is not as needed as the music creates this atmosphere that for me fits the novel like a blanket.
 Overall, No, Thank You!!! is a boys’ love hentai novel that knows what it has going for it and runs with it, creating a story that will keep you interested, even with some pacing issues. The solid story, warm yet likeable characters, usage of the yaoi content to its fullest, good gameplay time, beautiful design and approach, well designed and intimate scenes, over three thousand different CG scenes to find and see, impactful character designs, fluid animation, solid mix in soundtrack, different styles in the soundtrack and limited use of sound effects make for an experience that, if yaoi appeals to you, you will enjoy.
  • Solidly written and played out story
  • Characters are warm and likeable
  • Yaoi content is well done for its detail level
  • Gameplay time in novel is solid hour wise
  • Multiple routes so a lot of replay value
  • The cell-shaded art style is a good fit
  • Fluid animations and impactful character design
  • Over three three thousand CG scenes to find and see
  • Good solid mix in the soundtrack
  • Limited sound effect usage can be good in places
  • The pacing can feel a tad slow in some scenes
  • The art style used can feel dated at times
  • Story can lose interest at some points
DarkLunarDude gives No, Thank You!!! a Drastik Measure 8.2 out of 10.0 (82).
For the price of $39.95 on, I can easily recommend this novel if you are looking for a yaoi experience that is impactful, creative and are willing to sink more than a few hours into the novel’s content.