Sweet Sweat In Summer ~ The Naughty Girl And Her Ripe Scent – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude

Genre: Adventure Hentai Visual Novel
Developer: ammolite
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: Feb 29, 2016

CONTENT WARNING: This is an adult visual novel and as such there are images that are NSFW in this review. Please do not scroll down past the first paragraph if you are at work or under the age of 18.
Looking for an adult novel that is not too long, something to pass the time, yet also has an enjoyability factor to it with its hentai scenes and story? Look no further than Sweet Sweat In Summer ~ The Naughty Girl And Her Ripe Scent. Sweet Sweat In Summer is a hentai novel developed by ammolite, later published by MangaGamern and while the novel has some flaws to it overall, it becomes a good read to pass the time, if not to just enjoy the numerous hentai scenes that fill this lusty novel.
Going right to the good stuff, Sweet Sweat In Summer is not afraid to pull any punches when it comes to the hentai content locked inside, though the story has a few holes in its overall presentation. You read from the perspective of Kouhei, a guy on his way back to his hometown through a forest where, to avoid getting lost in the dark, he slips into a quiet little town just beyond. However, when he can find no one around the town and the only place open being a school, he ventures forth, only to find a young girl asleep under a tree. Some events later, Karin, the girl from before, informs you that the town has been abandoned and with her sensei gone, you are her new sensei. What follows after is a hentai fans dream, which is where I’ll leave you to discover the rest as it would spoil the novel.
As I stated in the previous paragraph, there are a few holes that lace throughout the story, mostly small ones, but the biggest one for me is a lack of a central plot. Most hentai games still try to develop a plot, something that you, the reader, can get gripped to and stay hooked with. Sweet Sweat In Summer is the opposite of this, having this very minimalist backstory that overall gets overshadowed by the amount of hentai scenes used, and while that is not a bad thing overall, it does kill most of the replay value if you are looking for a deep and rich story. There are multiple endings, which can be seen as a plus when combined with the short play time, making it worth a few solid playthroughs at least.
The visual quality of this novel is quite nice, considering detail is a devil with novels. Sweet Sweat In Summer does not win any big awards for visuals, but it is the attention to detail ammolite went for that makes up for this, especially the dedication for the many hentai scenes that are laced throughout this novel. The backgrounds, while not breathtaking for the most part, are well drawn and designed with an eye towards making the characters pop out more. Speaking of the characters, Karin’s design as a character has to be right up there in the area of best female character look. She is not too small in size sprite wise and while she does lack some endowments, it is this innocent yet mischievous look to her that makes her more impactful as a character.
However, musically is where this novel starts to show some weaknesses. The soundtrack by all means is good, with a decent mix of music types depending on the situation you are in, however the music, along with the story, can at times get repetitive and you will want an alternative depending on how long you’re playing. The big make up for this is Karin is the only character with voice lines, exemplary done lines at that. You can feel the emotion of the voice actor flow through each line and it reflects well, a decision I must give the development team a tip of the hat at as it adds just another layer to the novel as a whole.
Overall, Sweet Sweat In Summer with all its flaws in the story, and some less than good decisions musically, turned out to be an enjoyable and somewhat memorable read, with some of the best hentai scenes detail wise. A good but simple story, multiple playthrough potential, quick playtime, well done hentai scenes, detail driven visuals, good looking characters inside and outside of the hentai scenes, alright music selection and some of the best voice work for a character make this novel worth a play at least once.
  • Good but simple story
  • Multiple endings with a short but solid play time
  • Well done hentai scenes, both visually and voice acting wise
  • Visuals are detail oriented
  • A decent music soundtrack
  • Some of the best voice acting i have heard to date
  • Story lacks a solid backbone or setup
  • Some scenes visually get confusing
  • Music and story get repetitive as time goes on
  • Playtimes come up short
DarkLunarDude gives Sweet Sweat In Summer ~ The Naughty Girl And Her Ripe Scent a Drastik Measure 8.3 out of 10.0 (83).
For the price of $14.95 on MangaGamer.com, Sweet Sweat In Summer is quick but decent read, if for nothing else but the amount of hentai content. I can highly recommend it if you are looking for a good hentai novel that is not as story driven as it is sex driven, as these two characters make sure that happens.