RPG Tycoon – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude


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RPG Tycoon – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude
Genre: Adventure RPG Strategy Sim
Developer: Skatanic Studios
Publisher: GSProductions Ltd.
Release Date: Feb 12, 2016
RPG Tycoon (RPGT) is an RPG simulation strategy game developed by Skatanic Studios and published by GSProductions Ltd. RPGT puts the main focus on you, as the player, and how well you can build up, as well as manage the financial side of running your own nation against other AI driven ones, and it does its job well, with the few occasional bugs.
First impressions of RPG Tycoon were based on other tycoon games such as the older Rollercoaster Tycoon, which were mixed. Tycoon games were never big on the personal playlist, but I found RPGT fun in small doses, and often times found myself getting absorbed in how simple gameplay really made a difference as a player.
With Tycoon games, I have always found the simpler the gameplay is to go alongside the depth of strategy, is key to being successful. RPG Tycoon does this nearly spot on, keeping a simple but clean interface with a traditional control setup. The controls offered to you were on point, it felt like someone listened to all the complaints of previous Tycoon games and fixed many of the pressing issues players have had in the past. Gameplay-wise, RPGT has a few flaws, but nothing game breaking. Your goal is to be the best kingdom you can by hiring adventurers to complete quests under your kingdoms banner, and bring more and more people into your expanding domain. The game is far from perfect though, with the library sometimes requiring closer to three hundred days to learn a new skill, and the odd crashes that seemed to happened towards the end of my first run for no reason.
In regards to the presentation of RPG Tycoon, all the 8 to 16-bit goodness from the visuals and music were a treat to partake in. Visually, it feels more around the 16-bit generation games, and that works wonders as the game felt like I went back in time where challenges were commonplace in games, though it must be said it would be nice to see what a more modern look for this game might have been. Musically, we’re given a few key tracks, and while they are few, they fit the design of the game as it was intended. It would have been nice to see a few more, like a spooky noise if your adventures ran into a epic monster on a quest.
Overall, RPG Tycoon felt like a throwback into the old school Tycoon games with its retro-style visuals and music, simple gameplay, strategic depth and genuinely hard AI. But the skills’ day requirement could be considered questionable, music lacking in variety, and the few crashes that were experienced, the game can be considered for a look at if you like traditional tycoon games.
  • Retro music and graphics
  • Simple but effective gameplay
  • Good depth of strategy
  • Solidly hard but fair ai
  • Skills feels less of value for the day requirements
  • Music genuinely lacked in options
  • A few bugs ranging from black screened game to crashes
DarkLunarDude gives RPG Tycoon a Drastik Measure 7.9 out of 10 (79).
For the price of $9.99 on steam, RPG Tycoon is a fun throwback into what is now retro looking games. Even with the bugs I found, I still found the game entertaining with a fun nod to some older tycoon style games. I recommend this game to any Tycoon game fans and those looking for a challenging experience overall, as the higher difficulties will keep you on your toes.