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WARNING: This review contains scenes from the game which are sexually explicit and, as such, NSFW. Please do not click the read more or scroll past the first paragraph if you are under the age of 18.

Imouto Paradise! – PC Review – by DarkLunarDude
 Hentai Adventure Visual Novel
 MangaGamer, Moonstone
Release Date:
 Sep 13, 2013

Imouto Paradise! (Imouto) is a hentai game in the styling of a visual novel developed by Moonstone Cherry and published by Moonstone. The version up for review is the english translation from MangaGamer and as such, is credited as a publisher. This hentai game focuses around you, the player, as an older brother in a household of five younger sisters while your parents are away for a set time. Incest may be off and out of place, but this game pulls on those strings and risks it with great success.
Warning: There will be slight story spoilers of the base story but i will try to keep them minimal if possible.
First impressions of Imouto were that of a normal visual novel. The main menu, excluding the picture of course, was simple with upbeat music. Let it sit long enough, and that illusion will break pretty quickly as a anime style intro comes on, giving what is a taste of what is to come. This intro is, without a doubt, our first look at each of the five sisters, as well as how they might act within the game as you go farther, should you pick that route. In all honesty, it is not unwelcome.
Coming into the story, Imouto throws us right into the thick of things as we are introduced to Aya, one of five younger sisters, who acts as the cook for the family, at the time waking your character up. After the wake up, you meet the other four sisters, starting with Rio and then Hiyori, the younger of the twins. Michika is next, the book worm of the family, and after some coaxing from her bed with temptations of meat, Koharu, the eldest of the twins. The events that follow are the daily goings of the girls and your character until you hit the character choice screen. From here on out, while you do still have story in between each choice, your focus just falls on the relationship of choice.
This is the real meat and bones of the game, choosing which of the five sisters you want to delve into relationship-wise. There are six routes you can take in Imouto, the last one requiring you to choose an option called “Do nothing” whenever asked to make a character choice. Each of the sisters acts differently, like Michika, whose whole goal seems to be to get you as hers, starting from simple teasing and going upward from there. I will admit the idea of incest was not a huge appeal to myself as a gamer, but the way the writers and artist set up the scenes for the girls is truly to be admired. I forgot it was incest most of the time and looked at it from the hentai perspective alone.
The characters of Imouto, alongside of the voice acting used for them are one of, if not the best elements this game has to offer. The little sister characters have a unique charm I have not seen in most visual novel style games, a charm that shines even during the hentai scenes. Aya is the typical soft-spoken girl, but she sees your character as more of a love interest then a brother, leading to some moments where we see a tear in reality for her mental state. Rio is the next sister, falling into a more hardball style girl and it shows in her attitude, even if she does like to elbow your character for no reason. We then have Michika, the bookworm of the sisters, and definitely one of the most interesting characters as she takes this more direct approach when she wants something from you, like tying you to a bed for example. Rounding out the sisters we have Hiyori and Koharu, the twins, and these two could not be more different from each other. Hiyori is more sweet, innocent towards an interest in sex, where as Koharu is much bolder, often offering advances and not afraid to be out there. Their voice actors do an amazing job as well, giving each of the sisters a emotion and really expressing the charm these characters possess without coming off too much.
With the presentation of Imouto, one could say you were thrown into an anime itself with its anime-inspired design and more tuned classical soundtrack. Visually, the girls and their teases comes off lustful in some cases. The characters expressions are wonderfully drawn, combined with the top notch voice acting adds the icing on the cake to so many of the hentai scenes. Soundtrack-wise, you get a wide variety of options depending on the event going on. One scene will be this upbeat and charming music while you are hanging around all of the sisters and the next, it becomes this somewhat jazz influenced tune with piano and some pop elements to indicate a change in mood of a sister.
Overall, Imouto Paradise! is a hentai game with incest that is not afraid to pull any punches, and does it very well for the subject matter tackled. The well-drawn art, interesting sub-plot, good mix of soundtrack, charming and interesting characters, many endings and strong hentai scenes serve this game well and make it worth its purchase.
  • Good, interesting main scenes
  • Nice use of various instruments in soundtrack
  • Well placed anime art style
  • Strong hentai scenes
  • Multiple endings
  • Charming and well voice acted characters
  • Each route is short (two to four hours)
  • Base story is just alright
DarkLunarDude gives Imouto Paradise! a Drastik Measure 9.1 out of 10 (91).
At the cost of $44.95 on MangaGamer, I heavily recommend to fans of the incest hentai scene as well as hentai gamers in general as the scenes were well designed and voiced. However, with the time per route being two to four hours, finding the moneys worth may be a slim pick.