Sakura Dungeon – ADULT Ver. – PC – Review by DarkLunarDude


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Sakura Dungeon – ADULT Ver. – by DarkLunarDude
Indie Adventure RPG
Developer: Winged Cloud
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: Jun 03, 2016

WARNING: This review contains scenes from the game which are sexually explicit and, as such, NSFW. Please do not click the read more if you are under the age of 18.

A good role-playing game can take the player on a ride that lasts for hours on end and oftentimes it keeps to a fairly clean standard, leaving the appearance of characters in other situations to the mind of the player. But what happens when that lid is removed and the player gets to see it all? You get Sakura Dungeon Adult Version. Sakura Dungeon Adult Version (SDAV) is Sakura Dungeon but with a few things added and some things removed, but does this adult version of the game give you everything it should offer? Let’s explore the dungeons below and find out.

Starting with our tale, we are met by Yomi, an ancient fox spirit that has been sealed away in a dungeon for quite some time but is awoken when an adventurer by the name of Ceri broke the bindings of her seal while exploring her chambers. However, tension quickly rises as the two engage in a fight, with Ceri falling to the ground ready to embrace her death by the fox spirit. That is, until Yomi realizes she has lost most of her power since she has been sealed and her dungeon taken over by another. To solve the matter, Yomi puts a binding spell on young Ceri who right out objects to the thing until she remembers her armor is in shambles, so she accepts a truce. The two make it back to a village above ground, only to be met by Isabella, the tavern owner, who repairs Ceri’s armor and begins explaining to the two that while Yomi was sealed away, a new dungeon master took control of her dungeon. Now it’s up to Ceri to help Yomi get it back, with a little help from the inhabitants in the dungeon below.

The characters of SDAV act the same, or almost so, than the PG version, but some characters take a turn for the better. Yomi has the most changes in the adult version, still keeping this calm and serene tone to her in most cases, but in some of the CG events, she becomes more… loving and sexual, often times imparting acts upon various ally characters you wouldn’t think she would. Ceri remains fairly the same however, keeping her brash but calm nature with a good bit more of added embarrassment into the mix thanks to altered events. Minions or characters gathered from the dungeon below seem unchanged for the most part, but as this is a adult game, they have been given more facial expressions and some slight wording tweaks in various scenes, as well as CG artwork which can really make them more interesting.

With regards to SDAV‘s presentation, the game keeps its vibrant and detailed appearance, with music becoming different as you explore farther into the game. Visually, it just looks as clean, colorful and dark, in the case of some places, but still letting the character models stand out from the settings they are in, each with a diversified look to them. Musically, the soundtrack oozes charm and new music as you progress, but often the music can get a bit repetitive, especially if you are grinding a set of areas to level up the party to advance for a longer period of time.

Coming in with gameplay, The adult version of Sakura Dungeon keeps its core setup with a tweaks to some systems to accommodate the adult content added. The village, your main hub, remains untouched, allowing you to access the item shop to buy items and to trigger events. It gives you access to Isabella who when you bring a piece of fabric which will recreate a costume Yomi had before being sealed, generally given a version of it to Ceri as well. You can explore around town which can trigger mini-events as well as add monsters you captured while in the dungeon to your party for your next adventure.

In the dungeon, your controls change to using the WASD keys to move around the maze before you. You can turn your angle left or right with the Q and E as well as break objects or open chests with the LMB when you are right in front of it. When combat triggers though, you lose all ability to move and the mouse become your selection tool for picking moves as well as picking who you wish to attack if there is more than one monster present in the fight. Fighting will be your best friend to help level up the monsters you capture, as well as the named characters you get in the game, but remember that scrolls with new moves can be used on both monsters and named characters alike, so once you find the party you like, start beefing them up with spells and abilities you find helpful in combat. This is where the new changes to the clothing damage system come in as well, instead of one break and they don’t heal, you are now required to break them twice, but there is a bonus to breaking the armor twice as it leaves them nude, so a perk if you can call it that.

The capture mechanic remains unchanged but is still a vital element to your survival as you progress through the game’s many dungeons. When a creature becomes weak enough, you use a capture spell that gives a chance to capture it if you kill the creature with the spell, sending it to your village to be added to your setup if you so choose to do so. These captured minions also unlock various CG images and events in the game, so finding and capturing as many as you can feels like a reward in and of itself.

Solid back story
Capture mechanic
Goodies for the eye to see
Simple yet effective controls
Evolving music as game progress
Costumes in game when found
Vibrant and colorful visuals
Costume break system

Music can get repetitive when grinding
Costume breaking system can feel unbalanced in some places
Capturing does require patience to get stronger monsters
Adult content may not appeal to all players

DarkLunarDude gives Sakura Dungeon Adult Version a Drastik Measure 8.4 out of 10 (84)