We Touch Games – Euphoria (PC) Review

Euphoria PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games – Developer: CLOCKUP – Publisher: MangaGamer – Genre: Visual Novel (Nukige)


WARNING: This review contains graphic images. Do not click Read More or scroll past the first paragraph if you are under the age of 18.

What can I say about a game that forcefully makes the main character rape and defile five females in a supposed death game? Should I say that it’s a horrible fucking game (in both senses of the phrase) or that there may be more to it than meets the eye? WHY does the main character have to become a rapist? Is this a game merely for the sake of sex or is there a story behind it? When it comes to the visual novel known as Euphoria, there is a beautiful rendition of its own love story. Filled to the brim with scenes that would make any sane person gouge their eyes out, Euphoria is definitely worth the costly price tag. Developed by CLOCKUP and brought to the western scene by MangaGamer, Euphoria is a psychological, suspense visual novel about rape, torture, and love. However, amazing sound production, interconnected storytelling, great pacing, and detailed settings menu can almost make you forget about the rape and torture… almost.


I have to admit: Going into this visual novel, I was prepared for this to not be my cup of tea. I wanted to challenge myself by doing a visual novel style that I wasn’t really up for playing. After all, I am also a staff member for Rize Up Gaming, a company that uses Twitch.tv to promote healthy gaming and human acceptance. Whether you are male, female, transgender, White, Black, Asian, etc., all are human beings that deserve respect. Rize Up is against bullying, hate speech, gender discrimination, and racism, so playing through a game that seemingly treated women as nothing but objects to rape… not really my thing. Luckily, CLOCKUP did a great job on the story and explaining WHY things were happening the way they were in the game, but that’s for you to find out in your own playthrough… hehehe… Sufferance on the Surface is our Sustenance!




Anyway, when I first opened the game, I was floored by how the audio set the mood. Doors opening and closing, electronic beeps, locks locking, etc. The sound effects and background music instantly set the tone for when you began the story, almost as if the menu was part of the story itself. Upon starting the game, I was ready for mystery solving and high tension storytelling. The short soundtrack is artistically designed to be pleasing to the ear. It does not get annoying fast like other short OSTs, but it can get a bit repetitive as you play the longer routes. However, what really made me fall in love with Euphoria is how the routes all told separate, yet singular stories.


Okay, yes, the game starts out as being a rape simulator, but it turns into so much more. Each route is interconnected in some way outside of the start of the game. (Although, one particular route feels like a really bad case of Stockholm syndrome, to be honest.) By playing each story, you end up finding pieces of the puzzle for the true story. Things in other routes can answer questions left by those routes and vice versa. There’s so much I want to say about the storyline, but can’t, because spoilers. So read the game on your own. Seriously, the story is well worth getting to it.


I say that because the pacing for the game is absolutely breathtaking. When I first opened the game, I never imagined that I would play it for a week straight. The story is well-paced and does not feel rushed in any route. The extreme scenes aren’t just one right after the other, but are divided up. Euphoria does a very good job at keeping itself paced.


In addition to the above, the settings menu in Euphoria is incredibly detailed. You can turn gore and scat off or leave one of them on and not the other. Have them sloppy sex thwaps turned on/off. It makes it so the game is only as brutal as you wish it to be. Don’t wanna see the character’s shit their pants? Fine. You only have to read about it. I found this to be a unique feature to the game and loved playing with the settings to see how different the scenes would turn out to be.


Overall, the story is fantastic. How willing are you to save everyone? How far would you go to save those you believe are close to you? Are you willing to defecate into someone’s mouth to keep them alive? How about brutally rape them to save lives? While the premise of the game is slightly wild and unbelievable, the overall storyline truly lets Euphoria shine. For the steep cost of $44.95 on the MangaGamer website, I truly believe the game to be worth the cost. (Especially if you tend to be a sado-masochist.) To paradise!


Lolinia gives Euphoria a Drastik Measure 9.0 out of 10.0 (90).



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